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really angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just would like to warn you that this is a feel sorry for myself moan!! sorry to do this here but it just seems a place i could without being judged by people who think asthma is just a few puffs of your meds and all is ok. I have really had it with my asthma. I have just completed a second trial on sub cut with really bad results and with max medication other wise am getting very angry and upset that I cannot do anything to help myself or no one else can. The past few weeks have been awful I came out of hospital Monday and have been struggling with nebs etc all week. I just cannot see an end to this any more I am struggling every day just to do the basic things I feel so ashamed I am putting my kids through this, on top of it all I get diagnosed with sleep apnoea and cpap each night which I have had for two weeks and struggling with this also... this has torn my family right down the middle and my husband is never hear and when he is he isn’t (if you know what I mean by that?) It is such a beautiful day yet I cannot enjoy it outside due to pollen etc.and have to look at the kids playing from inside. I would just like to say I apologise for this emotional madness and you do not mind too much with me letting of steam. I do realise some people are a lot worse of than me but at the moment I am really struggling, anybody know what else I can do to help with treatment etc, also if it is ok to ask I do suffer from prednisolone side effects pretty bad and have a problem with emotional effects due to this,is any one else suffer this too? am just so angry. yet again sorry for this.

Kind regards jaycie

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Jaycie, pleasse don''t apologisse for haevign a moan - that is teh whoole point of us being here ot lend a shoullder to lean on.

I am sorry taht ur sub cut trial didn''t go well and taht you r strugglign at hoem. I haev sleep apeana as well but thankfully didnt' haev any trouble copign wiht it. please pm me if you wannt to haev a chat abouut cpap etc, i'm no expert but can at leasst listeen and let u knoww how i haev learrnt to adappt to thinggs.

sendign big huggles.



hi jellybean

i have also just escaped costa, after various infusions of this that and the other. please do not apologise for feeling sorry for yourself as my nurse once told me if we can't feel sorry for us who can. anyway i also suffer emotional side effects being on pred, i take prozac and have done for about 3 years, it also afffects my family, talk to each other, it helps with my kids one of which is 12 and has asthma, she worries about it but dosen't say alot, hers is very mild, and as for husbands mine has just had the fright of his life seeing me in resus but is coming around again now, talk to your cons perhaps there is a support group in your area, i don't like them myself as am always in denial about even being sick. take your kids out for lunch one day, i can't take mine out much they just have to amuse themselves. focus on things you can do rather than what you are not able to do, stay in touch and take care.

lisa xx


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