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Hi peeps I am hoping someone here can help, a dear friend had just been diagnosed with T1 diabetes, he lives alone and is feeling really lonely and worried. I suggested he joined some diabetes forums but I have no idea which are the good ones and which should be avoided, I know many here have steriod induced diabetes and wondered if you could recommend some forums.


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  • I know when my brothers were diagnosed type 1 diabetes they relied on British diabetes association. They have local groups and i am sure will have a forum.

  • Don't know about fora, but Diabetes UK (www.diabetes.org.uk) are a goldmine for information and further contacts, especially for new diagnoses.

  • Diabetes Insight Forums !!


    (Be warned there has been recent fall-out on there but generally we are all firendly! I wont be on for 2 weeks though - me and some others got suspended! My username there is Cloudedbrains!)

    Also I know of several VERY good newgroups if people want them !!

  • Yikes, Wheezer! I have just been and had a quick look at that forum. I think it might be useful for him as I would have him down as lurker and not likely to get involved in ""forum politics"" Diabetes UK does not seem to have forum or am I looking in the wrong place??? Anyway I will pass on the forum and address and make sure he knows about Diabetes uk.

    Thank you


  • I just found this place too Bex !!


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