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Presciption errors!!!! moan here!!!

Well i thought id start a thread as many of us have moaned and need to moan about GP/ pharmacists getting our scripts wrong!! how hard is it? ( sorry cath am so sure your fab at sorting out your pts scripts)

Anyway i thought i had mine all sorted after big show down with the practice manager and my dad and being assured by her that she will monitor all my requests? and following Bexs lead and going to see GP and going through all repeats to make sure are correct, so how annoyed was i when dad brought my prescription homw tonite!! havent dared tell him yet that its once again wrong!!

once agin i have been given bricanyl nebs instead of injection and have been given normal blood sugar test strips instead of ketones! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

how hard is it when i ticked what i needed and with test strips even gave them the code?

So have now just penned a very curt but to the point letter to the practice manager!! god knows when will get correct items!!!!

ok moan over!!!

Andrea xx

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glad i don't work in your gp's andrea. hope you get it sorted.


I kinda know how you feel only in my case i had things added to my script! I can't remember what i ordered but imagine my shock to find test strips for a diabetic in with what i had ordered when i picked it up from pharmacy (i do that thing where u take repeat to pharmacy and they take it to the dr and collect it again), i'm not even diabetic! This kept happening, recieving things i hadn't even ordered, so in the end, when i saw GP, i mentioned it and he looked on computer, some how it had been added to my list, i watched as he removed the offending items off my list of goodies.

Also, had issue with symbicort 400/12 inhaler, took precription to dr's myself as i needed it urgently, that was fine, except when i looked, they had issued the 200/6, even tho i clearly ticked the 400/12.

I know it's human error but lets face it, when asthma is playing up, u don't need the extra stress and hassle :o/

I hope u get them sorted out soon!




My niece is 14 and takes singular peadiatric and our surgery dispense for her she had a new pack of singular on friday and took one at night as usaul and chewed it only to find it tasted disguisting Not untill she looked at the pack properly that she found they gave her 10mg singular instead of the 5mg pediactric but the sticky label they put on said 5mg luckly she had no reaction from it cause your not supposed to take the 10mg untill your 15




i sent in a presciption over the online service clearly stating which meds i wanted and need ... low and behold i get setetide 500 accuinhler and of course thats not what i asked for .. luckliy did get the right one after telling the receptionist and the doc did change it but wasnt happy!!


Me/Sean must be very very lucky.. between us we have a fair old amount of medication and our monthly scripts have never been wrong!! If Rbh change something I just write it on the repeat request and its done without question.

I know this is meant to be a moan thread but just thought I should give credit where credit due :-)

Just a quick comment regards singluar, my son been taking 10mg since he was 10 so although its not good the script was wrong I dont think the dose would have been dangerous for 14yr old,thankfully



I haven't had probs for a time and have a 6 monthy prescrition review - we go through my repeat form and add or delete items - there are also other items not on the repete form that I can get if I ask. Infrequent stuff such as Diflucan 150 etc.

I used to find more of the problem was at the chemist end! 1mg bricanyl ampoules instead of 5mg ones when I had bric. Also, when I order and ask Boots to pick it up I tell them if there is anything they may need to order such as 6 boxes of ventolin 5mg ampoulse ( I emphasise the IV stuff in the pink boxes)

My s/c equipment delivery had an interesting item once - Paediatric trache tubes!

Andrea, sory your having a problem - it is especially hard if someone else is picking it up - i usually rummage through the bag and check the script there & then. I hope it sorts itself out soon.




From the other side of the fence....

If you experience persistent prescription errors, such as bricanyl nebs instead of injections etc, then please ask for the practice to raise this for review in their practice clinical meeting, as a critical incident.

All staff who print off prescriptions should be fully trained to do so, and this includes ensuring that they issue to correct items. On occasions there may be a few very similar items on a patient's repeats screen, so it's not like this is an unusual occurrance (e.g. patients on thyroxine will frequently have more than one strength of tablet). The staff may need extra training so that they recognise this can happen, and to double check dose/form/quantity when clicking on items.

I'm often involved in doing repeats for our practice and this is one thing I'm always double-checking (I'm slightly biased in this respect though, cause it's often the more complicated ones that I end up doing).

I've been on the receiving end as well - a few months ago I had the surprise appearance of a bottle of Oilatum on my script when I'd only ordered becotide and singulair *shrugs*. Mind you, at least Oilatum *is* one of my scripts. Certainly if you end up with items that you've never been prescribed - such as the test strips mentioned below - you need to bring this up with your practice, as this really shouldn't happen.

And Andrea....well, I *do* try.... ;-D hehe



Oh I could moan for England on mess ups I've had !!

I went through the practice manager/gp/pharmacy complaints and STILL get countless and sometimes dangerous errors !!

The most serious I've had in last few months was the WRONG insulin cartridges being given by the chemist along with the wrong diabetes tablets - by the chemist - I blew my stack with them as after 3 trips to pick up the script to start with I was in NO fit state to walk down there again -- they ended up sending one of their staff up with the correct stuff, well it was their error not mine !!

Now GP errors I can honestly say any script errors I have when printed are down to the receptionists and not the Dr but since using the online prescription order form and appointment system I havent had issues when I order that way !!

In my case I find the chemist messes up more and more - but what makes me mad is there are people (for whatever resons) may not be able to report issues and stuff and it just makes me report every issue I have with scripts as if they carry on making errors one day they could kill someone - BLUNT I know but so true !!


Unfortunately my scripts have become a standing joke with me and all the receptionists at my GP. It's the changing dose of prednisolone and uniphyllin that confuses everyone because the computer system doesn't seem to understand why i need 1mg 2.5mg and 5mg tablets (to make up my reducing doses!) and puts alerts on when i request uniphyllin because i'm on the 200 am and 300 pm which it really doesn't like giving twice to the same patient so invariably something gets missed or is the wrong dose!

The other problem i have is if after a visit to costa a discharge letter doesn't state all my drugs i can sometimes find that the GP has been too efficient and removed them from my repeat. Most commonly nebs disappear!

Oh well at least it's happened so often now it's become funny.


I havent got problems currently after sitting down with Gp an sorting iut all out but i used to have probs with 2 things !- symbicort 400/12 i was getting 1 a month yet i need 3 but GP sai that i was over legal dose so couldnt prescribe -had to get RBH to re write a letter comfirming dose.

2) ventolin nebs keep on getting wrong dose but now have both on script so just tick which one i need.

Its highlighted on my repeat form taht i dont have any generic asthma meds. as well.

I now have to battle to get Chloes repeat script sorted!! gggggrrrrrr!


Arghhhhh I sick of scripts - got my propper nebs bar one box owing now but they advised me to see gp to get script altered - but am seeing her 10th April anyway !!

Its gonna take me till then to settle my chest down after the generic nebs not working !!

I dont see why we should have to argue that certain generics are c*** !!


Cath, that is good advice and I when my GP returns I will mention it. I tend to find it is a pharmacy issue not a GP one although the 2.5 and 5mg nebs get muddled and as I don't use the 2.5mgs anymore I have had them removed.

I had blood taken for theo level the other day and got a shirty phone call from one of the Drs in the practice (mine is away) asking if I was taking my phyllocontin because ""at that dose your levels should be close to if not toxic"". When I laughed and said 3 is good for me he was most indignant and told me I should not be so frivilous about my health! Once I had had come down and blue smoke had cleared I suggested he check the letters from the RBH and my previous results before accusing me of being non-compliant! I did not hear back so called my GP's PA who is an absolute sweetie a day later and she said ""I even put a note on saying you were an odd patient and to check the records before calling"" hmmmmmmmm.



I've only ever had one problem. Our practice has three GPs one puts everything on computer, one puts only prescription on computer and the other (the senior guy) doesnt use the computer at all. One day I had to urgently have an appontment (my usual gp not available) and saw the senior guy and he prescribed a form of antibiotics that I am allergic to even though it was clearly written on the front of my notes. Luckily I spotted it before I left the surgery and got to the pharmacy.


I always have problems with mine, often things that could be serious if i didn't notice, so i always check before I leave the building now. Last few times the receptionist has been really arsey about it, and told me to come back in two days as if it was a new script request. I told her I had only enough to do that day (wee white lie), and she got the duty dr to change it, but it is getting silly. I have an appt for medication review on Easter monday! so should get it sorted - I had to make a 20min appt cos I'm on so many drugs though. Should give me a chance to sort some other stuff at the same time though - appointments with my (very wonderful) GP are like gold dust.



Didn't actuallyget a script muddle up but was sent a letter from the surgery to say my becloforte was being changed to Qvar even though it clearly states on my notes that I am allergic to Qvar. Had urgent appointment with GP to sort it out as i was due a new script soon. On Clenil now instead.


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