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went to see my consultant last week and he has put me on theophylline and carbocisteine tablets. i take the carbocisteine tabs from today then in two weeks time i start taking other tablet. i know some of you are on these tablets could you tell me if anybody has had problems with them or are they good. i have also got to have a vacination for hib and pnemonicoccial i think thats what he said. anybody else had this injection. lots of questions but i trust all you guys as some of you are on them xxx thnk you in advance xxxxx

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HI yes on both of them,the theophylline helps keep airways open and the carbocisteine tablets

thin down any mucus in your lungs and any mucus eg glue ear. this helps you to cough it up etc.They

stay in your system 4 hours and I usually take 3 a day sometimes 4.

Never had a problem with carbocistine and work well.

The theophlline ,you might get a little but you have regular blood tests for that to make sure you are

on the right dose as to much can make you feel unwell and not enough wont help as much.

hope you feel better soon and the meds help you xxxxx


well they both sound like they could help me so lets hope for bloody good results off them thanks glynis xxxx


Ooh thanks for the idea Jillywilly and Glynis,

Have been started on Atrovent inhaler by GP which has helped a bit with peak flow and not been on pred for over a month. Theophylline only prescribed in secondary care here i.e. hospital but hadn't thought about carbocisteine for mucus. Had dodgy left eustachian tube with suspected glue ear and sinuses alongside post nasal gunge etc so could help. Will see how I feel after sinus/septum op Thurs. Have 1st asthma appt soon


My son and I are on Theophylline and find it very good. I get a little bit nauseous and can feel my heart racing a bit, but my son (14) hasnt had any side effects. Hope your new meds help.


hi - i take carbo and have for ages. up until very recently they were brill for thinning and reducing any phelgm i had. i used to take it all of the time but for a while now ive been taking it as and when as per instructions. it used to be so thick that i would vomit or choke so the docs thought it would be good. however for some reason it has stopped working but im contiuing to take it until i see the consultant in september. now im taking it most days again to see if it helps again but also taking sodium chloride 5ml for the nebuliser to thin it too. havent had any side effects from the carbo though - hope this helps x


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