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Simple fund raising !

I rang Auk last year for a money box and kept putting change in it and then sent the money in when was was a cardboard one and green and purple with AUK logo. This year rang again for a box to fill and this time keeping it going all the time and send money in every time its full. This box is a purple and green plastic collecting box with Auk logo on it and in pride of place for family to put money in. Dont know how i would have coped with out AUK so nice to help out in my own little way x

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What a lovely idea Glynis, good for you.

I did not know that they do money boxes, I think it is something I will have to thinking about doing.


Oh what a wonderful idea. I've been toting with a way to raise money for Auk as I too want to give something back.

I will definitely be calling to get one sent.

I'm also having a little coffee morning at mine next month with a gift card rep and a childrens book stall. Hoping to raise a bit that way too.

I agree Glynis, I don't know how I wouldve coped without AUK either the past yr or so.


This sounds like a decent idea, just can't understand why they aren't highlighted more (eg on the homepage)


My Mother in Law has been doing it for years.


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