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back at work

Back to work after 6 weeks off.

Asthma still a pain and my brill GP

is ringing my con for my test results to

reversable airway tests to see what my con recomends I can take as my gp

says im on all the right max stuff.

He had to leave a message and awaiting a phone call ,other wise it

would be a 4 month wait for results from tests till june hosp apointment with my con.

Just wonderd is 4 month

a long time for results or about right?

The man who did the tests said the inhaler didnot alter the reading to the test taken just before

repeated it with salbutamol. so hope not got Glynis xxx

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Unless a problem had been flagged up in a test result (in which case they'd contact you ASAP) your doctor will probably just wait to dscuss the results and implications at your next review. Sometimes it may be that the results aren't clear so they'll be tossed between docotors to get a clearer view of whats happening which may hold it up. If your worried maybe ring the Dr who took it, but generally if they haven't contacted you before a scheduled appt, they wont have found anything significant.



personally I think the wait is a bit too long, you never seem to have more than a weeks good or even reasonable control so something needs changing. medications need reviewing and working out why they don't work as the reliever clearly doesn't if the test results were correct, but then finding something that will work is more problematic.


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