OMG!!!! wow

My asthma has settled down the last 2 days and not been well since xmas.

Yesterday my consultants nurse rang me about my blood test results and i was to increase my

slophyllin up to 750 in the morning or night.i did it at night to help sleep through side effects.

This morning i had do my pf as got monitor it.

my pf when was good was 550 but not hit that for years so my consultant said it was 450 as thats the highest last year or so and drops down to 3 when bad.

So did my pf this morning and hit 500 woohoo!!!!

love Glynis xxx


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  • Blooming show off ha ha

    Seriously that is good news !

  • THANKS !!!

    feel like ive wone the lottery today so hope it lasts a bit.

    not all down to the tabs as had 2 good days but hope it was .

    god im so happy today xxx

  • OMG!!! wow, indeed. Well done Glynis. Must be doing something right. If you find out what it is, could you bottle it and send me some. xox

  • That's such good news, hope it keeps up.

    Take care


  • Wow Glynis, that is super news, lets hope it continues

  • That its fabulous news, so glad to hear you are feeling great!! chell

  • You must be on drugs or something, oh hang on, you are lol

  • That's great Glynis, long may it continue!

  • thats fantastic glynis!!

    well done... long may it continue :)


    x x x x x

  • I knew Slo-Phyllin was good but didnt know it was THAT good!

  • Did not last long ,my pf dropped to 380 ggrrr!!!!!

    feeling puffed now hope it doesnt drop any more x

  • hopefully thats a one-off, we all have our off days :)




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