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constant chest infection

hi im wondering if anyone can help me. i have had a chest infection since the end of jan and im on my 5th set of antibiotics and steriods. i just cannot shake this off. i feel awful all of the time. i have asked my gp to send me the hospital (this is somthing i just do not do )they have agreed to this if this course of meds don't work. i have had a chest xray this is clear.

in the past i have had different dr's telling me different things. for years i was treated has having emphasemia(not sure i have spelt that right)then i was told i had asthma , then copd. i am getting more concerned as this goes on it is affecting my quality of life and i feel exhausted, down amd moody.

please can anyone give me advice.



(by the way grandad brows in my nickname from my grandchildren)

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I hope you begin to feel better too and find out what is happening. Whether it is asthma or something else. I have found over the last 9 years that GP's can be slow to react and we have to do some pushing ourselves.

I do not have a spleen and every time I get an infection I am to visit the GP. I take penicillan life long and they are meant to change the dosage. He told me to go home. Friendly but didn't do anything.

Next day I went up to Accident and Emergancy and got the antibiotics my GP could have prescribed me if he had only listened properly. (A&E congratualated me for turning up) I managed to avert myself from getting tonsilitis. Two days later I changed GP practice and back in my old childhood practice! Why am I telling you this? To show that sometimes we have to be more pushy even if we don't like it. I don't like turning up to A&E for antibiotics as its wasting their time. But I rather waste their time getting antibiotics through imcompetent GP's than turn up with Septicaemia again through not being heard properly.

I hope you will push. Its hard when you are tired from ill health. If you get nothing, just present yourself at A&E and explain what has been happening and that you are anxious and worn down with continuous infection.

I really hope you feel better soon and find out what is happening


thanks for your reply, inm starting to feel a little better but not 100%.

thanks again.


hi Grandad brows

aaww sorry your not to well at the moment.

I seem to get lots of chest infections now got asthma

and never had them before,there must be a connection.

Usualy doc gives me pred and antibiotics with my meds and

usualy does the trick till necxt time.

Would have a chat to the asthma nurse on here or doc and

hope you feel a little better soon.

love Glynis xxx


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