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Advice about making a complaint please

Hi everybody

Hope you are all well

I've not long got back from doctors on call and would really appreciate advice about what happened there

Our neighbour cut their grass yesterday and it went straight for Holly's chest. I got antihistimes from the chemist and ws multi-dosing her until I felt she needed further help. I got an appointment at doctors on call and the doctor seemed really nice. He offered to nebulise her and see how things went. This has really been standard practice with Holly so I wasn't concerned.

After he had set up the nebuliser he left and we amused ourselves, however 45 minutes later when the solution was only half done I went to look for him.

I asked him why the nebuliser was taking so long as previously they only usually last about 5/10 minutes.I really must stress that I was really polite and just curious.

Well to cut a long story short he totally lost the plot. He said that I was questioning his medical expertise and ssaid that he had worked in intensive care for 15 years and said how dare I question him. I explained that I had only asked why it was taking so long and he got out of his chair and pointed in my face and shouted that it was because he had diluted the solution. I was horrified. I explained that I felt really intimidated and by this point Holly was crying. He grabbed the mask off her fasce then and I said that I felt scared that he was being aggressive towards me and Holly.

In reality the whole incident took place over a couple of minutes but by the end of it Holly was in tears and I was physically shaking.

We have had not so good experiences before but nothing to this extent. I have never left any treatment area before Holly's treatment has finished.

I want to make a complaint about this and the receptionist on duty said she would support me as her and the people in the waiting room apparently heard every word.

Can anyone tell me how I would go about making a complaint.

Sorry about the v long post but I am just so upset.



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I am so sorry you have had such a terrible ordeal. Its bad enough when your child is unwell but to go through this as well.

Im not sure if it is the same in scotland as here but we have something called PALS ( patient advocay liason service) which are excllent at sorting out complaints and supporting you through the process. I also found this link with how to make a complaint in your PCT which may help you. Dont forget the site puts spaces in links.

This is an information leaflet for patients and carers giving information about NHS Ayrshire & Arran's complaints procedure.

In addition to the contact details available within the booklet, NHS Ayrshire & Arran also provides a freephone telephone number, which is 0800 169 1441

If you dont find what you need look on your areas primary care trust site and that should point you in the right direction.

I would also make notes of what happend so you dont forget anything over night.

Hoep you are both ok and if Holly becomes unwell again you could take her to to A and E to avoid the on call doctor.


Thanks speedy.

I took her up to A&E last night an she got a couple of nebs and kept in overnight. She's a lot better now.

Thanks for the information. It was really helpful. In other circumstances I wouldn't dream of making a complaint and would just put it down to the doc having a bad day but last night was so unacceptable. The doctor was not only intimidating he was downright agressive and I really think it was totally out of order. At the end of the day I only asked a simple question and we didn't deserve that.

Anyway thanks for the info. I'll let you know how I get on.




Oh, Anne

Firstly, a huge cyber hug to you and Holly for having to endure this kind of behaviour when you were simply seeking appropriate help for your child.

(((((((((((Anne & Holly)))))))))))

To your credit you sound very calm and together writing about this episode when you have every right to have steam coming out of your ears!

On the complaints side you could speak with your practice manager. This is what I have done on the one occasion I had to make a complaint. Or, as the other response said, PALS are very good. I know my father has made complaints through them in the past and he said they were very understanding and supportive.

I sincerely hope you kick this chap, metaphorically of course, in the butt and prevent him treating anybody in this manner again.

Wishing you luck.

Jacqui Mac


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