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Lack of Sleep

Totally fedup of not sleeping in the day or night!

I go to bed at 9pm, sleep till 11 then am wide awake again, fall back asleep around 1 til 3 then wide awake again til 4 then sleep til 5 then awake til 7 then sleep til 8.30am when alarm goes off to say home care due. I am shattered i want sleep and I know my asthma is uncontrolled and not happy so does all my medical team and my family and friends! I am so fed up! My medical team have now increased my Theophyillne levels and said i will get side affects till body adjusts! I just want sleep! I try to nap and cannot! ARGH!

My really do take there lungs for granted! When they are not working everything is a nightmare it takes you a hundred times longer to do a simple task such as go to the toilet or have a drink or meal. You try to make a drink and you are breathless you try to take a jumper off and you are breathless. You get breathless all the time! It is just not fair! I want to have some sleep, i want to go walking i want i want i want! ARGH! I am getting so annoyed at myself all the time because i am so so tired! I am having a very rough ride at the moment and i know my medical team are trying but...............................................................

Moan over!

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hope you get some sleep soon Plumie,

i am v tired, haven't slept properly for 11 days, feel like zombie.just want to feel normal and not tearful, v weepy.

Kate x



Ho get a good night sleep to help you feel a bit stronger to start the day.

Hope you feel a bit better soon ,love Glynis xxxxxxx


Have you tried a sleeping tablet - not a long term solution but they can help you get back into a routine. My GP usually gives me 3 days worth, she doesn't like to give more because you can become addicted and she prefers me to go back so she can review what's going on, but I do find that so long as I take them at appropriate times to try and establish a routine, they can be really effective.

The only trouble is that my GP won't let me have them when my asthma's really bad (so may not work for you now) because of the concern over me being too drowsy to treat myself / get emergency help if I have an attack during the night.

Bach rescue remedy also do a herbal version which can work if the problems aren't so severe.


Hi plummie. Have the same lack of sleep and broken sleep pattern. The more I stress at lack of sleep the harder it is to fall asleep. To help I listen to music thro head fones whilst in bed. I have blinds and curtains so it's a bit darker and finally i don't look at the time either by removing or hiding the clock..... Hope u get a sleep soon.


I sometimes to listen to music to fall asleep too. I have one of those pillows with speakers, that way I don't have to lie on uncomfortable earphones or get myself tangled in the wire. I always sleep with a blindfold on as I need complete darkness to sleep properly, but it also stops you from checking the clock all the time. Another thing I do is to imagine myself in a story, it sounds daft I know but it works because it stops you from worrying about things, like still being awake or what you need to do tomorrow. For me it usually follows that the story flows seamlessly into dreaming. I don't think there's a single thing that works when my breathing is really bad, and because I'm not well controlled yet I actually can't remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep.

Just one other thing, please don't start taking any herbal remedies without checking that it is safe to do so with your doctor or pharmacist first. Many herbal remedies interact with conventional medicines and some can make certain illnesses worse.

Hope things settle down for you soon. Good luck xx


Catarrh caused by my asthma is so bad that I have to sit in an upright chair all night, every night, otherwise I'll choke myself. As there is nothing that can be done about this, and I eventually got really fed up bitching to anyone who'd listen about what my asthma does to me, I took up painting. I can only use watercolour as oil paint is a trigger for me, and as I'm house-bound I use photographs instead of real life. It makes the night (even winter ones) pass a lot quicker, and it has led to me doing other things that I had never dreamt of: reading history, psychology, sociology, criminology, theology, maths and physics, although not all at the same time. I started this through the Open University, and then I found (through iTunes U) that a lot of American universities welcome people like myself into their online lectures and tutorials, only making a charge if one chooses to sit an exam. Now, instead of sitting all night feeling lonely and sorry for myself, I count my blessings on how lucky I am to have found all these magnificent ways of occupying my time.



Hi folks

thank you for all your replies, i had another totally rubbish night got about 4 hours worth of broken sleep. I am was going to say i wont be trying herbal stuff as one of my medication tells me not to but someone beat me to saying that thank you! I am going to look in to things i can do or study i think as my asthma has been rubbish for a while now. I have also just ordered my self a personal cd player to trying listening to audio books in the night. I cannot take any sleeping pills as it would be dangerous.

If people have any more ideas or suggestions on what they do i would love to hear of them.

thank you



My doctor prescribed me a tablet called melatonin. It's the sleep hormone which your body produces naturally and it helps you fall asleep. However you will still wake up in the night as normal (i.e. if asthma is bad) which is the reason i was prescribed it. However because of this I normally take in when im really tired at 9-10pm which means i get a about 5/6 hours of sleep before the asthma kicks off. I'm not sure whether your allowed to use it every night though!


Plumie, do you have a preventer inhler for your asthma?

I got mine last Monday and after 2 days of using it started getting 6 hours sleep at night, last night I got 8 hours, these are the best nights sleep I have had since July.


Hi Plumie,

Ah...that sucks! I can never sleep when I'm on oral steroids myself and do get quite zombie like. It's terrible. I ususally take prescription sleep tablets (just when I'm on the oral steroids). That helps, although it doesn't entirely fix it. I also go right off them when I get off the steroids. I've also taken melatonin if the problem is more mild, and that does help.

Something I also try to do is to give myself time to get ready for bed. Take a bath. I also have a meditation tape I like, and I find if I use it every night when I'm having trouble, that often I will dose off. I also give myself permission to get out of bed, if I wake up, and to do something for a while. I usually end up washing dishes, or folding laundry. If you're out of breath would know best what you could do. I just find that trying to distract myself maybe even by reading a book for a few minutes (rather than stressing over why I'm awake again), makes it so when I get a bit drowsy I'm more likely to fall asleep.

Take what helps...I really do hope you start feeling better soon.

Take care,



Hi Plumie.Hope you sleep tonight.going bed soon try swet this cold off. Night night x


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