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hi new here

hi i am new to this. I am so glad i have found somewhere i can talk to people this is the second web site i have joined in two days.

my name is clare wife to steve and mother to thomas aged 3 william aged 2 and amiee mae aged 1. William is a brittle asthmatic and spends most of his time in hospital with chest infections infact we only came back today from are last stay.

William has a home nebuliser to help with his attacks and has been on a whole lot of different inhalers and tablets but nothing seems to work.

Thanks for listening i feel better already for getting it of my chest.


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Hi Claire

I am recently new to this also. I have asthma myself. I have had asthma from birth and i remember that when i was a child and I was having an episiode my mummy and daddy use to but me in the bath room with the shower boiling hot running the sink full of hot water and the bath full of hot water and sit me on their knee on the toilet and let the steam help me. It give me realise until my parents were ready to take me to hospital because i was always ackward and had an asthma attack in the middle of the night or when it was icy and snowy outside. Also my daddy use to tell me a story and try and keep me calm and i remember him putting my arms above my head like in a game or something and its suppose to help with the breathing but everyone is different but i hope you find your mojo and flow sorry your having a hard time everyone on this site is fabulous i feel like i have a network of friends already they are all so welcoming claire welcome and happy new year x


Hi new here

Hi Clare im so sorry to hear how poorly you little boy is, Im a my friends daughter was very poorly when she was little and my friend insisted that after a lot of upsetting trips to hospital she was seen by the specialist nurses at our main hospital who were amazing. It was found that her daughter was allergic to cats (they had one which they rehomed) they took up the carpet in her room, she only has 1 teddy which is washed at 60 degrees and then put in the freezer for a few hours her bedding was stripped back every morning and the window left open. She had been continually ill up until that point also she did her peak flow every morning and night and when her peak flow started to dip she had 10 puff of her salbutamol inhaler THROUGH HER SPACER obviously im not a doctor so you need to ask them about that. Now her daughters fine and only needs 1 inhaler so there is hope.

If your son isnt with a hospital asthma nurse he needs to be you insist.

Best of luck I hope that helps,



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