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Chest infection again !!!!

At christmas I had a bad chest, I knew it wasnt my asthma but took my ventolin and seretide a bit more than usual, anyway in the middle of Jan I still felt bad and went the docs he put me on antibiotics I went back after the week and he put me on a different lot of antibiotics, still that didnt work so I went to my asthma nurse and she did a sputum test and the doc rang and said I had to have another dose of different antibiotics, that worked but not for long 4 weeks ago I felt really listless and walking was an effort and I was bringing up a lot of green phlegm(really green ) , I couldnt get into my docs so he gave me antibiotics over the phone, I finished them a week ago my chest is still wheezing and I still bring up light green phlegm, I'm fed up with taking antibiotics and also all the crap I bring up!!! any body out there with similar problems ?????..

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sounds awful familiar sadly!! went through same recently, total of 10 lots antibiotic courses in 7 weeks cos recurrent infections and pneumonia and had to kept changin them! grrr...

awful painful too so take plenty pain relief and found radox bath helps :)

hope your chest clears up soon :)

x x


thanks Snowygirl, I know what you mean when you say lots of pain,my chest at times feels like i'm being stabbed! horrible dragging pain, I do take a lot of co-codamol as I cannot take anything with Aspirin in,I hope my problem doesn't go on too long or I will be pulling my hair out ....xx


hot water bottles help too :)

i still in pain from recurrent recent attacks (bad times! if you have seen my posts lol)

i cant do aspirin either or anything with brufen or diclofenac etc so its codeiene, or tramadol, radox baths, hot water bottles and SLEEP!!

take care and rest well x x x


momma91 hope your feeling better and you get some answers on tuesday. i had emergency dr out last night stabbing pains in chest so bad, he said sounds like pleurisy brought on by the pneumonia, and best thing to do is take painkillers alongside the 2 differant lots of antibiotics and pred i already taking, and to get plenty of rest and sleep (if only i could).

take care and let us know how tuesday goes



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