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Moving and asthma (Not again!)


So some good news first. I've moved back to the Northeast (I'm in the US), and I got a job last week. I'm really grateful as the economy here is not good. I started with two days notice, and am working as a social worker with clients with HIV/AIDS. Anyways...In my move from North Carolina, first I stayed with a friend for three weeks, then I just stayed with another friend (closer to work) for a week, then moved into my own apartment on Friday. I'm so tired of moving.

But the part that's just getting to me is that I was having an asthma episode when I was packing (really bad was on high dose oral steroids for two weeks), then moved up north, saw my asthma doc, was put on high dose oral steroids for another two weeks. Now I've been off of them for a week, but unpacking boxes seems to be triggering me? It's either that, or I think they refinised the floors. I had them cleaned before I moved in, and aired out the apartment for a day (with the windows open), to get out paint fumes.

But I'm just so tired of coughing!!! I'm glad my chest isn't hurting yet, but not quite sure what to do. Today I've just been taking my rescue inhaler. I guess if it's not better by Monday I will call my doctor. I'm still on high doses of inhaler steroids and and dose of seravent so hoping my body will be agreeable tomorrow.

What do you do when you're moving apartments? Do you have trouble? What helps?



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Hi Bee

Moving house is very stressful to even a healthy person. It is quite likely that it is the emotional stress that has triggered your asthma more than any airbourne problems. Although you will have moved a lot of dust around so that will not be helping.

I would suggest going to your GP and getting him to increase your medication till you get settled in your new home and job.

Well done and getting a job. Hope it goes well



Hi Plumie,

Thanks for writing back! Yes I suppose I am stressed. LOL. Just a bit. The last few weeks have been such a whirlwind of all kinds of things happening and trying to keep everything together as I've started this new job. I was wondering too if just being off oral steroids if my body responds differently to stress. I am still very tired. I at least found out where my tea kettle is though, so I currently making some tea. I will call my doctor on Monday.



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