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Thermostat temperature - 16 degrees is my optimum temperature

I'm interested to know if anyone else suffers from my problem, which is that as I get warmer, my chest gets worse. On hot days I can hardly breathe. My house is like a fridge in the winter - I have the thermostat set at only 16 degrees and only have the heating coming on for a few hours in the evening and sleep with the windows open. At 16 degrees I feel I'm at a very comfortable temperature - if it gets to 17 degrees I feel much too hot and start to suffer. When it drops below 16 degrees I feel cold and start to shiver. Keeping at 16 degrees means I can breathe. Summer is a recurring nightmare to me - the warmer temperatures mean I can't breathe well for the whole summer. Most asthmatics seem to feel better when they're warm. Presumably because the house is so cold, I end up with lots of chest infections which take forever to cure, with repeated courses of different antibiotics, and I'm sure a warm house would help stave off the these chest infections, but I'd feel too hot all the time and feel wheezy. I am so tuned in to this 16 degrees, that regardless of the season I sometimes suddenly think to myself that I feel absolutely perfect and jokingly guess that it must be 16 degrees...........and when I check on a temperature gauge, sure enough, it's 16 degrees. Am I a complete odd-bod or is there anyone else out there like me?

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I like this topic and I am interested to hear how sensitive others are. I have a comfortable range from 16 to 23 degrees. If the temperature outside hits 24 I know it! And in winter, my best bedroom temperature is 18 degrees but I am ok going down to 16, anything below 16 I am struggling with symptoms and then get infections. I always have to have a scarf over my mouth in winter until I have fully warmed up. (I am a naturally cold person so have to have thermometers in my flat so that if it is 21 degrees and I am cold, I know it's me and I have to add layers lol)



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