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Hello Cold, Welcome back Asthma

So my asthma has been pretty stable lately thanks to the combination of fostair and the end of the pollen season.I havent been flat peak flow, like the doc wanted so i could come down a step yet, but i was starting to think it might happen. Barely been on here either.

Now I have a cold, it started with a cough and having to take blue quite abit yesterday. Now im losing my voice, wheeezing, coughong tight chested and have barely left bed all day. Cold's have always triggered me, when i was younger they were the only thing that did, just a bit down in the dumps i guess. And a tad scared im close to a bad attack.

i know there are plenty of people on here worse than me. just wanted to tell someone i was scared. and seeing as i cant talk and dont want to scary anyone kind of the only option.

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Sorry to hear you are feeling rough, even more that you are worried. I think it's the same for a lot of us asthmatics. Colds triggers my asthma too, and my son's. I dread us catching them as they affect my son very badly and he's had lots of time off school.

It might be worth your taking vits if you dont already. We both started taking Vit C and a multi vit about a year ago and have definitely had less colds since then. Another thing I do is wash my hands a lot - always when I come in from outside eg a shopping trip or visit to surgery, and I avoid meeting with friends if I know they've got a cold. I also rub my hands, throat and chest with Tea Tree oil which is a natural antiseptic.



we all have asthma and even though we have different levels we still like to be friends with all asthmatics and try and support one another. Even though i have quite bad asthma i still manage to ask silly questions. So welcome and join the chat and the fun!

Colds are not nice even when you dont have asthma, so add asthma and they are no fun.

Make sure you are taking pareceptmol from a chemist and drinking plenty of hot drinks and eating fruit. Have lots of tissues at the ready and you will be all set. Treat yourself to a dvd night on the sofa with a duvet and with some sleep you will soon be on the mend. Remeber to be kind to yourself with the cold.

Look forward to seeing you on boards more



thanks for kind words.

unfortunately school's are breeding grounds for germs, so colds are pretty hard to avoid. Mind you colds creep up on us all i guess.and I can't say i've been being the world's most careful person...

quick question. I've lost my voice (to the point of wheezy croaking). Today when a friend heard me they asked if i'd had another asthma attack. Is it likely its my asthma rather than the cold making me lose my voice? and if so should i just roll with it until i see GP for medication review on friday or speed up? Its the first time i've ever lost my voice. and my friend making the asthma connection made me go hmmmm

cheers, tired x


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