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Atimos Modulite and Lovely Asthma Nurse

Just got back from an appointment with the asthma nurse and must say that it was FAR more worthwhile than any visit to the doctor about asthma. I had originally made the appointment to review treatment and fill in an action plan. I discussed my appointment on Thursday and how I had felt about that and she said that in her opinion I still wasnt ""well"" so she gave me a prescription for Atimos Modulite and I am to add that in to my current meds. So now every morning and evening I am to have 2 x ventolin, 4 x 100mcg Belcomatasone and then 1 x Atimos Modulite. I am to keep that up for the next month and then go back. She said that in her opinion I wasnt well enough for the 'flu jabs atm and that we would complete an action plan in a month and review the meds at that point.

Sincerely hoping it all helps, couldnt believe how breathless I was this morning just from walking up a short slope!

Hope you are all well x

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Hi mummyjones,

glad to hear you have a good asthma nurse:-) I generally find mine loads better than any doctor I've seen before. The nurses seem to listen better and therefore you are feeling better about it and probably get the treatment you require.

I've been to see my nurse in a weekly basis with that forever lasting chest infection and she did a good job although still not symptom free. Having to see my doctor now on Friday for blood and xray results and transferral to specialist. I suppose I'll have to see the doc at some point lol.

I really hope you'll get the relief with those meds soon and that you can get in with your life.

Love Lydia x


do the asthma nurses 'responsibilities' have a national guideline or is it up to the practice, i only go to the asthma nurse for the 6mnth check up and never at another time coz the one time i tried her she said that she couldnt make prescriptions (even repeat ones) and if i wanted any medication to gosee the doctor, although when i told her i was going away that night and needed inhalers she managed to get me them without any problems, just a lot of complaining. after that i have no faith in going to see her when i feel unwell, i see the GP, i only go to her to let her know that im taking my meds, and whether they're working which is not very helpfull as i know if i need to see a doc without her telling me. has anyone else found this?


Not sure, our practice has provided extra training so the nurses can prescribe (although they have to obtain a signiture from the doctor sometimes depending on which nurse you see) and they go and find a doctor/make you an appointment if necessary. Some nurses specialise in Asthma and/or Diabetes and some have undertaken a lot of extra training to become Nurse Practitioners.



yes I depends if a nurse is specialised in asthma(mine is) and she's a nurse practitioner too so she can't prescribe meds without asking the doctor. Only if she's not sure she pops her head into docs room to discuss treatment and then they both decide what's best.

Ask if there's a nurse specialised in asthma at your surgery, because there's usually loads if different ones working there.

Good luck.

Love Lydia x


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