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hi all,

Might sound a bit dumb but i just wanted some advice about camping.

We are due to camp in South West france in July for 2 weeks and my 4 year old has asmtha/hayfever and eczema which only began last year. His hayfever st the moment is in full swing and his asmtha seems to be well controlled with seretide. Having been to the area 2 years ago (before this all kicked off) i am familiar with where the local hospital is but really i am curious as to whether this trip is a really dumb idea or could it be that the pollens etc will be of a different kind altogether than here.

My son has had 2 hospital admissions with his asmtha since it was diagnosed in October last year and he has recently had his inhaler changed to Seretide which is working its magic well and he is on different meds for his hayfever so it is generally well controlled at the moment but could going to France camping make it worse?

I know i may sound really dumb and i do apologise but this allergy buisness is new to us and we are still learning.

Hopefully some of you may have had same experiances and can steer me in the right direction.


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I can understand your worries , i used to go to France every year with my family and i found i actually improved most years as the air is cleaner , in July the worst of the grass pollen will be well over as they tend to be ahead of us, so if your son is suffering now he may well be better off in France.

Make sure you take extra of all your meds and have a list of them plus doses written down so if he does get poorly then you can just hand them the list in the hospital- where abouts are you going?

We also always do a test drive to the nearest A + E so we know times etc and also where the nearest dr is. Make sure you have a plan to action sored with your sons GP/nurse so you know what to do and when and voice any concerns you have with them and im sure they will reassure you its safe to go. .Are you aware of any other triggers for your son ie food/washing stuff if so its worth taking some of your regular bits to be on the safe side we always took our own clothes washing powder and ran a quick wash through the machine to rid of previous powder or hand washed my clothes.

Feel free to pm me but please go and enjoy yourselves


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