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Travel Insurance,


I know there has been quite a few threads on the boards over the years about who insures people with asthma, (have searched the archives) but was just wondering about people's recent experiences and successes as the policies always seem to be changing with different exclusions etc. So was just hoping to see which places will take us now.

Also, what constitutes a hospital admission? I have had different responses, that a&e does or doesn't consitute admission, as am being treated in hospital but not staying on a ward. So confusing, and what is a stable condition? my asthma is severe / persistant but is manageable at home, have home neb and never been in ITU or on a ward, they just keep me in a&e until i am better.

As the channel islands aren't part of the NHS and the reprocrial agreement has finished between England and the channel islands, we now have to pay for travel insurance to come over to the mainland, such a pain, as i feel trapped on a tiny island 9 by 5 miles!!



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I always use Freedom travel insurance. Have you never been in hospital over night with your asthma? if you have been in over night that classes as an admission or a stay in hospital.

If you have a neb do you plan to take it away with you? If yes you need to tell company.

Stable condition is a letter from GP saying you are fit to travel and you often have to pay for this!

Hope that answers some of your questions




I tend to go for direct travel (fairly sure thats the name....). It obviously cost more money than without a medical condition but the price doesn't seem to go up too much if you have multiple hospital admissions in previous year (luckily). Good thing to do if you want to travel a lot is to get the annual policy, then you can come to over to England as often as you want.

I have looked around a lot in the past but still not sure if I would get a cheaper deal elsewhere. Feel quite happy having insurance with them though as a couple of years ago I was backpacking around China with a friend and got really sick. They were amazing (although I did shout/cry down the phone to them a lot at the time) as I ended up bouncing in and out of hospitals there for a while until I called them and said I wanted to come home. They they had me assessed at a hospital and had me medially evacuated (with med escort) to Hong Kong so I could be assessed/treated in a more 'Western' hospital for a week before having another med evac back to the UK. I hated it at the time as I just wanted to come home but in fairness they paid all my medical bills/ hotel bills etc etc. Arranged the whole med evacuation (including paying for the business class seats and ambulances). I didn't have to do anything and was just left to pay a few minor day to day expenses, which I claimed back with no problem once I got home. They also kept in contact with my parents so that they were able to find out how I was/when I was due to arrive back in the UK. It really made me just realise how important having decent travel insurance is!

Hope that helps.



Thanks for your advice, am going to ring the places suggested tomorrow to see what they can offer.



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