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Good teaching!

Hey everyone!

Im a student nurse, and at the moment we are being taught about conditions of the respiratory system. So we had the asthma nurse come in from our local hospital to talk to us, now I know her quite well, but even I was surprised when she told my class that contrary to what most people think, not all asthmatics wheeze! Now I now this is a bug bear of most asthmatics, including myself, so I thought I should share this! Maybe if all students nurses and doctors are taught that we dont always wheeze then things might get better for us!

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yeah i dont always wheeze only if im really bad i do. It would help loads if drs did know this


Hi I am a non-wheezer too. Its good to know that the word is being spread about this. Thanks for sharing this.



Great teaching because I suffer with or without a wheeze.



Ditto to being a non wheezer! Only wheeze when have severe chest infection - although I feel wheezy most of the time ... does that make any sense???!!!


Hurrah to this lovely lady!!

If you listened to my chest when I have been at my worst apparently it has sounded quite good but the low sats and blueness told a different story.

Got to love it when you hear of people being told reall stuff!


Glad they're teaching that! My cons. seems pretty good and hasn't given up trying to find out what's going on (she's not asthma, just general resp) but she did persist in asking about 'wheezy episodes' and when I was feeling wheezy. I don't think I did a great job myself of explaining in 1st appt that a lot of the time I am breathless but not wheezing, then of course when she listened to my chest said it sounded fine, although I was pretty breathless at the time - and had been wheezing that morning! I swear my lungs only behave in drs appts.


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