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Hi all hope you well, went to nurse today re lump in throat, she gave me a spacer thinking it might be steroid spray straight to throat, and serevent to use alongside it, hope it helps anyone using it? any good, love to all, (hope you well shoppingmama) xx

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I used Serevent (and eventually Seretide) for many years and I found it was brilliant, until my asthma began to get much worse. I found the effect brilliant. The only problem I had with it was the side effect of shaking so badly that my mum thought I was constantly on a comedown! How embarrassing!! Hopefully with a spacer you shouldn't have this side effect




Hi, sorry for hijacking this thread. Though it best to post onto an already-here-Serevent-thread, rather than starting a whole new one. :)

Seretide 250 always gives me occasional shakes plus cramp at night. Serevent added recently, gives the most awful shakes and really painful toe and finger cramps at any time of the day.

Today for instance - Out for lunch and couldn't hold soup spoon properly. Would have been funny if hadn't felt such a twit. No matter how hard I tried, none of the soup actually stayed on the spoon as I lifted it. Had to try use my left hand instead. Slow going but at least I got my soup. Judging by the looks I was getting from DH, he probably feels this old dear is ready for the old folks home any day now. LOL


I was also taken off Serevent because of dreadful cramps that didn't diminish with time as well as a very fast heartbeat. I know many people find LABAs work well for them and don't suffer from such side-effects:fingers crossed that you're one of them!


Hello all,

What exactly is serevent/ seretide?

Is it an inhaler? If so, what colour is it?

As a schoolteacher told me many eons ago

If you dont know, ask. You may feel daft for asking, but better than being daft forever.

I really liked that teacher, he was a heck of a shot with a board duster too!!

Ahhh, the good old days :)



hey howie!

serevent is slightly different to seretide.

serevent is if i remember rightly, though its been a while since i was taking it, a long acting reliever.

comes as an accuhaler, inhaler or diskhaler.

seretide, has both a reliever and a steroid in it (serevent + flixtoide) purple in colour.

it is an accuhaler or evohaler. you can have various strengths, depending on severity and the amount of steroid you need (flixitide strength)

normally added in from step 3 BTS guidelines :)

x x


That's right snowygirl.

Seretide (purple) contains two active ingredients, fluticasone propionate and salmeterol.

My Seretide 250 contains 250 micrograms of fluticasone propionate and 25 micrograms of salmeterol.

Serevent (green) contains 25 micrograms salmeterol.

Side effects of salmeterol include shaking and muscle cramps. :(

Add to that, a few salbutamol puffs on a bad day and the amount of shaking is just ridiculous.


Hi all was just going to post a question about seretide, when I come across this post. My sons consultant has given us the option of putting him on seretide. but was told that it could stunt his growth. my son is very small for his age, just turned 14 and is under another consultant for his weight and height. Our Gp is a bit reluctant to put him on it, but is leaving the decision to us.

His asthma has been poorly controlled for a while, He is on clenil, serevent, montelukast and salbutomol plus nasonex nasal spray. and oral steroids when needed. plus antibiotics. And uses a aerochamber.

After reading all your posts about having the shakes, it has made me worry more about seritide. just don't know what to do folks. so any thoughts from you would be helpfull.

Thanks Shelly


Edit: Just read your post through again - hadn't taken on board, the first time around, that your son was already on serevent. If no problems at the moment with serevent, he should be ok with the seretide.

Have to say even with the cramp, seretide has been a godsend for me. Can go out for dinner with friends and not cough my head off all the time. I have adult onset asthma (cough variant, no wheeze) - this will be my third year with asthma. Started off with clenil then worked my way through a multitiude of different inhalers before finding seretide 250 was best for me.

Quite sure there's parent on here who will be along in a moment to offer experience of Seretide being prescribed for a 14 year old.

Moira x


i was 17 when i was diagnosed, worked my way through lord knows what inhalers - wise, including becotide, serevent, seretide, flixitide, salmeterol, symbicort, atrovent, and to what i take now- ciclesonide, oxis, atrovent, salbutamol.

i was around 20 when i was taking the serevent and seretide respectively. from what i can remember, i didnt have any side effects julia :)

i seem to have saved then all up until now....

sally shakes have become a second nature lol, moreso due to salbutamol isnt it grannymo!!

x x


GrannyMo - I am that parent with a nearly 14 yr old son coming along to advocate Seretide! Basically son has been on Seretide for a couple of years now and no problems. He too was on Serevent beforehand but it wasnt hitting the mark. I am on Seretide as well and it has really helped both of us. He hasnt experienced any 'shakes' at all, although on Seretide 250, I don't either.


angievere - many thanks for popping in and putting a positive spin on the seretide question.


Thanks for all replies. Chatted to asthma nurse today about Seretide, whilst son was having allergy tests, and she reccomended it really, so probs will go ahead with it for him. Can only try anyway.

He is allergic to everything lol. Thought as much so wasn't shocked.



really glad you found out what your son is allergic to, now you know, you can avoid them, and reduce the attacks and symptoms :)

x x x


Well, told my son I was going to put him in a sterile box to keep him safe, and he just looked at me like I was simple lol, He just did not get the joke. Guess he is too old now for mum being stupid and making daft comments.

Think it will be preety impossible to avoid all allergens, that he is allergic too so think i might put myself in a sterile box, and have a rest, because i'm sick of all this ruddy cleaning. Oh to win the lotto and hire a cleaner !!!



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