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newbie - both asthma and this website

Hi all,

I have just been more or less diagnosed with asthma at the grand old age of 36. My nurse says, we wont say it is right now until we are sure the treatment works but as I am feeling a good bit better today than I was yesterday I think it's fair to say it's working.

I have had a cough non-stop for the last 2 months, haven't slept a full night in 2 months waking up coughing so bad its making me sick, poor hubby who works really early mornings as a fishmonger has been so good considering I wake him up 2 or 3 times a night and he is up at 5am.

The nurse has given me steroid tablets - prednisoloneand a salbutamol inhaler. As I have also high blood pressure and I am on Perindopril for this, has anyone else on here ever had both of these and experienced anything that I should keep an eye out for. Also, what can I do in the house and work place to try and control this?

Thanks in advance for all the advice.

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Hi. And welcome

. You will make lots of friends and suport on here x.

The pred takes a good day kick in and known for keeping people awake and hungry.Salbutamol is your fast acting reliever and apart from a dry mouth is usualy ok and works best with a spacer.

What to do in the home is a tricky one but by keeping normal house clean and matress and pillow protectors keep a note when you feel bad and what you were doing is about all for now Love Glynis xxx


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