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Is coughing actually that bad?

I have been on singulair for nearly 3 months now as a result of exercise induced asthma, which left me with a persistent cough for roughly 48 hours, singulair has stoped that, but as a result the PF values have had a steady decline since. So is the cough actually a good thing in clearing the lungs? and strangely the evening readings have recently started to be lower than the mornings, and nothing has really changed in my daily activity.

Thoughts, Ideas, or even similar experiences anyone?


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I have been on singuliar before. then i got moved onto seretide, but i still have bad cough and am still not able to do sports. but singular did impove me pf a bit as well as the seretide when i got moved on to it. i dont know weather this is any help or not



Hi Annabel

Thanks, I was already on seretide, and sport would cause the cough, but the first month of singulair things did get better PF wise, but not now, and I have a cough as well. Still I do manage to keep doing my sporting activities, and this morning did my first open water 1mile swim for BHF, plenty of ventolin before hand though, just in case, can't stop in the middle of the sea can I.

There is an alternative that you may wish to try to stop the cough, and that's INTAL , not used much these days as it's an old drug and better/new ones are available, but it might be worth a try.



Hi chris we seem to have a similar kind of asthma. I cough all the time with my asthma and it is not because it is poorly controlled as my peak flow is staying happy at 400 and above. The cough is more my lungs getting rid of the mucus that it has collected in times when my asthma has flared up, can be called a post viral cough by some medics. It is a symptom of asthma. Maybe talk to your medical person to see if they think your asthma is controlled and if it is then it is likely to be a cough from your lungs clearing things out.

Hope you work it out, i now live with my cough all the time and when my peak flow drops and cough comes in night i know i need to talk to my resp nurse. It is all about learning your personal asthma



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