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Sorry folks - need to vent!

I am so FED UP of asthma! I manage to get over the cold/chest virus without an admission (Yay!! First time in ages) I go back to work and I just started feeling like me again at the tail end of last week and then the middle of my working day I have an attack.

SO embarassing as it happened at work...and I am a nurse so instantly surrounded by other nurses and all the docs...yes you might think that was a good thing....................

I manage to get to grips with it and control it with lots and lots of ventolin and atrovent but now I'm feeling really crummy PF's are dropping and I am watching closely in case the visit to A+E I was expecting the other week was merely delayed.

I'm feeling really grumpy and fed up, my lungs hurt, my chest muscles are killing me and you know what? I want my life back.......the one where asthma didn't seem to flipping rule it....and I didn't have to triple check I have my inhalers...and have spacers at work and at home and blah blah blah blah......I'm sorry to go on...I know there are many people on here suffering much worse than me I am just hacked off.

I wish someone could come up with a cure for asthma :o(

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yeah invent a cure

You rant if you want , trust asthma is present itself while your at work. Even if your a nurse. Maybe you know things you would rather not be prevee too. What do you think triggered it? I hope ur sorted asap.

Take care gill


Hi Feejay, rant away ,we all need to at times xxx

sorry your having a tough time ,thats how ive been for last 3 months and

only just picking up froma ll the lung pain and breathlessness and weezing.

Its realy hard getting your head round it as when we get a few good days we feel so

happy only to crash again a few days later.

Hope you manage to keep out of hospital but they are brill and AnE sorted me out at

the weekend.

lots of hugs and hope you feel better soon ,

love Glynis xxxxxx


Hi Freejay,

We all have to have a rant about asthma from time to time.

I do hope you start to feel better soon.

I know how you must be feeling because my asthma has been troublesome on and off since January.

Do take care of yourself.


rant away, i know how you feel, friday at work i got carted away.


hope you feel better soon, bloody asthma.

But one positive thing from it I met all the guys.

Take care

Kate xxx


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