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decent staff

was admitted yet again to hospital after admitting to myself that i needed to go to a n e. had a high temp, mild chest infection but was having an attack that just wouldnt quit, so i gave in and even called the ambulance myself! although i still dont feel 100% i just thought id say how much a difference decent staff make. capable staff who are pleasant -rather than capable staff who couldnt give a monkies etc which i have had at times (obviously i have had good care before lol just sometimes its obvious they dont like their jobs which is fine in a shop but not in a hospital lol). although i did have to be asked to be moved bays as i didnt want to be in a mixed ward, it made such a difference to my stress levels and being able to concentrate on getting better.(still think mixed wards are shocking in this day and age- i dont really want to spend the night with men i dont know scratching their bits and walking around nearly nude, some even trying to get in bed with you- yep this has happened although granted he was senile but even so!). so anyway - all hail decent staff xxx

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Thats encouraging to read. Glad you had a good experience. I myself have always had decent staff when I have been admitted. There is quite alot of bad press about hospitals but we should big up the decent ones! I do agree with you about the mixed wards & dont blame you for being asked to move. Thanks for sharing all that with us.



Jay, it's good to know you're satisfied with the staff at the hospital and that they're looking after you so well. You're right to be shocked about being put into a mixed ward. The NHS keeps claiming that there are none left but every now and then somebody has to complain about them again.

Hope you start to feel better soon.



It makes all the difference when you have nice staff. I've had very mixed experiences over the years. About 5 years ago I had 2 eye operations several weeks apart, both day surgery. After the first operation the most wonderful nurse looked after me, she was delightful and couldnt have been more helpful. A few weeks later, I had the other eye operated on and this time the nurse who 'looked after' me was dreadful and couldnt have cared less. As I knew the ropes from the first time round I wasnt too bothered but I felt sorry for the others on the ward, all elderly.

Agree with you about the mixed wards although I have to say I've always been quite fortunate with my room mates, male and female, except when I was on one particular maternity ward - some of the mums to be were a nightmare!!!


i am sorry to hear you had a trip to costa and hope you are well now.

glad to hear there are decent staff around, i work with children so i am biased but like to think i am nice to my patients :) never heard otherwise anyways!!

its true there are still mixed sex wards, especially in ITU, HDU and emergency admissions unity where this obviously cant be avoided, but there should be no reason why this cant be avoided on other resp wards etc...

whenever i have been on a resp ward thats none of the mentioned above, i have either been in a cubicle, if stable enough or in a bay with women only :) never mixed, luckily!



Gotta admit, with all the meds im taking, my wife said i drive her mad.

I dont sleep too well most of the time, but when i do, im well out of it.

Apparently im guilty of

Arguing constantly, with myself

Shouting loud enough to wake the dead

Taking all the duvet & throwing it on the floor

Talking endlessly in german or something (pretty clever since i dont speak german whilst awake!!)

Ask if the cat is out (weve never had a cat)

Get out of bed & lie on the floor

Plus many other wierd things.

Obviously i dont do all these things every time i sleep & to the best of my knowledge i dont try to get into any other bed.

But when i wake up, i have absolutely no idea what ive said or done whilst asleep.

Its no wonder people give me strange looks when ive been in hosp!!

Howie :)


Not so bad on this 'stay' as each bay is single sex but when I was admitted 4 weeks ago there were 6 of us in my bay and I was the only male. I looked a bit of a mess at the time as during my attack that led to the admission I had collapsed and fallen through a mirror so I was covered in cuts and bruises. I told all the ladies on my bay that I had been the victim of domestic violence, it was quite funny seeing the look on their faces when the wife visited.

We all had a laugh and giggle, it was certainly an ice breaker, though looking back in hindsight it was a blooming good job that none of the women had ever been victims of domestic violence, hardly a joking matter.


Also got to say that once again virtually all the staff on the ward are great, obviously it helps now as we are all getting to know each other after so baby recent admissions

Got to say if I do have problems with any staff then it is more likely to be with GPs or AnE staff, but AnE have also been good recently.


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