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sick of the weight

When will i stop this weight gain with pred ive been on pred most of last year and now on 15mg a day it may keep asthma at bay for a while but not always ive gone from a 14 to 18-20 its not fair i dont eat like foods going out of fashion i have the odd treat but who doesnt my mam eats more than me an is size 10 sorry for the rant its just getting me so low mam says better to gain a bit of weight then to be not here at all

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I'm with your mam on this one. Better to be here to grumble and moan. Bathroom scales tell me weight hasn't really varied by that much but I'd say I'm curvier round the middle and upper arms than pre-asthma. So its welcome to the 18 - 20 club.

PS Most women are here anyway, with or without pred. Least you have an excuse. 8-)



I would rather be my size 22 than dead.

You have your life ahead of you - use it don't - lose it.

And don't blame your meds. You probably eat more than you think.

I know I do.


Just to say that for a lot of people medicines (especially steroids) can and DO put weight on regardless of the amount your eating. Its easy to say that its better being big than dead but it doesnt make it any easier to deal with! I'd speak to your GP or nuse and see what they can advise



thanks for your replys xxx


I'm with u. Fed up wie the weight gain. And trying so hard to be more active and watching wot o eat. Cut out fizzy juice and biscuits smaller potions. Anyway Went to gp for check up who told me my asthma management no longer the problem now out of breath due to the weight I put on. So politelty told me to loose 2.5 stone and reduce my prednisolone to 5 mg a day as current dose too high... Got more support from my grannies tights and their full of ladders.


I know where you are coming from sooo well.

But as the others say its better to be bigger than dead!

I lost 3 st last yr and was a size 24 now 18 and intend to lose at least 2 st more and i never go below 25mg pred and have been on it for nearly 13 yrs constantly and currently on 60mg for the last month.

I find the best thing to do is to write down EVERYTHING i eat and drink then its easy to see where things can be tweaked, if this doesnt show up problems then take a look at your portion sizes, you may have increased them without realising - very easily done.

Hope this may have helped a bit - but remember even if you gain while on pred hopefully you are only on quite a low dose and will get off it soon but just aim to stabilise rather than lose to start with.

good luck


You Can Do It - Believe in Yourself

I wrote in the latest magazine about my daughter who is a student as I am so very proud of her. Despite being on a very high dose of meds she has managed to lose almost 3 stones - how you ask? Like most of you she can do little exercise, but if she is having a good day she will try and walk, also she will try and do a few gentle exercises if she is able. She makes sure she eats a healthy diet, lots of fruit and veg, chicken and fish - the key to it is planning. I bought her a slow cooker and she makes casseroles, soups etc and makes additional meals for the freezer so that it she is having a 'bad day' or her studies are busy she can just defrost something, stir fry is another favourite.

I realise that many of the medications give you an appetite, but if you can plan ahead and think about what you are feeding yourself before you put it in your mouth, you are half way there!! Forget the takeaways, the fast foods and all the rubbish (biscuits, cakes, chocolate etc) although as a treat they are fine.

Carrying extra weight not only pulls you down emotionally but your lungs and heart have to work hard too - so go for it and start this very minute!!

YOU CAN DO IT TOO ..... just remember the saying 'In your mouth for a few moments, in your stomach for a few hours and on your hips for the rest of your life!'.


Thanks for the incentive BUT.... some of us do eat healthily, but ad few of us here are unable to do any excersise due to the severity of our asthma! For some of us it is a vicious circle. Severe asthma - unable to excersise - steroids - weight gain - still unable to breathe - more steroids .....

Oh and add in other health problems.

So, often it is better alive and overweight because without the steroids we wouldn't be here.

However, that doesn't mean we don't try to eat healthily - I eat loads of fruit, wholemeal everything, very little red meat (though I do like the odd venison steak!).


sick of the weight:reply

Hi Kerrie-anne I'm sorry you're feeling blue, please do keep an eye on your weight because (if your overweight: BMI of 30+) you increase the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately some asthma steroidal medication can cause an increase in your blood sugars too. But please don't despair as I have asthma, was a size 18-20 and then found out I had type 2 diabetes. With me my father has it so theres a direct family weakness there, but it forced me to cut out all the sugary foods and I'm now a size 12-14 and at my last asthma clinic only days ago I did well. I understand why you feel so blue as asthma meds can cause you to put on weight & my muns a skinny size 8-10 too. I just don't want any one else to develop yet another longterm condition like I did, Asthmas enough to be dealing with!!! Take heart & your mums right its better to be here. x


noticed no guys have put a thought on this one, well does it really matter what you weigh, learn to love yourself for what you are, and throw the scales out as they only make you obsess and depressed.

I would agree with the calorie intake though, it's really easy to eat far more than you burn off, and if you are fairly inactive you don't need so much, and snacking is all too easy. I probably eat easily 2-3 times what you would, but don't put on weight because I'm always on the go, I said it to one of the docs in our cycle club while eating several big slices of chocolate cake, look at this double our daily saturated fat allowance in one sitting hehe, and the reply was shut up and eat it, you'll burn it off, and that's the truth, you move eat what you like to sustain the calorie burn.

Facebook group ""Real Women have a Bottom and Thighs and a Tummy and Wobbly Bits"" tinyurl.com/y974xyj


I'm a guy and posted already. And fed up wie weight. Now having problems wie bones. Blood sugars and eye sight being effected wie prednisolone. Wondering if better being out of puff more and less side efects than taking the prednisolone and still being out of puff........


Dear Kerry Anne

Please please my dear friend ..,. Please read what Kate Moss has replied in this thread !! It is far far better to be HERE around family and friends even if a bit more to our shape... ALL that means is that there is more to ""love""

We are more than this Asthma thing.. more than the weight we have gained.. more MUCH more than all the medicines we take and the events and things that occur in our lives

Most of us (regardless of what some may think) do the best we can... even if it is just raising at tin of tomatoes up as weights... or what ever we can when we can do to keep the strength and spirits up and eat as healthy as finances and availability allows

It is wonderful if some can lose some pounds / stones but some of us cannot and have had to learn to (like in my case) to be a Dibley Vicar look alike.. sometimes Believing in yourself is not enough

If you learn to love yourself (as YOU are) others too will see the beauty in you and will be glad that YOU are here doing the best you can.

Love and wheezy hugs from the Orkney Isles



Hiya all,

I'm lucky to be on the rather skinny side but my sister gained a lot of weight due to several illnesses. She's not happy with it as she used to be like me and lost a lot of self confidence. I know she envys me for my figure and I wish I could take some pounds off her. She's trying her hardest to slim(eating healthy etc) I always tell her I love her like she is and that it not her fault but all the meds.

I tell her she's unique and has a heart of gold and people who know her see just that.

I hope and wish that everybody has a supporting family and friends on their side because that's all that matters. Forget about mean other people who haven't got a clue who you really are! You're better than them!

Love Lydia x


Thankyou so much for all your wonderful replies been in hospital over weekend so didnt get chance to read any till today just bought my 1st size 20 trouserd i weigh 92 kg arghhhhhhhhhhhh


Hi Kerry-anne,

I know how you feel too, All my weight has gone around my middle and I look 9 months pregnant because I have no weight or muscle anywhere else! The thing is it makes me even more breathless because it presses up onto my lungs and I can't even sit in the bath because it presses up onto my chest. The doctors think I'm moaning about nothing but I don't eat any fatty foods or sugary foods just chicken, veg, fruit, baked beans and the odd slice of beef and sometimes I feel why do I bother. I try and do as much exercise as I can but like everyone else it's so hard when you can't breathe! I've also got osteoporosis and an underactive thyroid which makes it hard to shift the weight. My husband is fed up of me going on about it but I know he thinks my stomach is horrible but tells me I can't help it because of the meds but when my adrenal gland packed in from all the steroids I went down to 5 stone and at least clothes would fit but then they put me on hydrocortisone and that's when the trouble started! Although I do find Carol Vordaman's Active Health on the nintendo ds a help because it helps you keep track of your calories and has a pedometor so you can see how many steps you do a day, try it if you can.

Hope this helps,

Keep well



I get asked alot when am i due? and i say due what and people look at me very puzzled they shoul make tshirts saying im not prgnant im on on pred what you think???!!!


I used to get that too. Tummy bulge from both my children never really went away. Dieted and exercised down in weight from a 26 to a 16 but the pregnant look was still there.

Must be old now, cos very rarely get asked. Does still happen though. You get the look that suggests you're too old to be pregnant and then the outright question.


PS When I was younger, I used to get all red-faced & embarrassed and stutter 'Um, no..'

Nowadays, I just say ""Nope. I'm just fat. But thanks for asking."" To which, they start apologising over and over and can't leave you fast enough. LOL

PPS In twenty years, I only once had a pregnant lady ask me if I was due too. Pregnant ladies tend to sense the difference.


Dearest Kerry Anne

I’ll particularly second Susy’s last comment. I will also add that, as you well know, AUK abounds in love and wonderful friendships and it has all happened without being able to see each other.

When the body is weak, sometimes we just have to sum up the pros against the cons and accept the cons. Maybe in your head, sharing the spare round those that have not got more than their fair share will help. For my contribution, I’ll take a few pounds for you right now, but please do not ask why you cannot see my stomach in my picture!

Loads of hugs and kisses from Kensington




i just wish people would not judge you on your size


Kerry please don't panic about the pred weight. As soon as you can come off them you will find the weight just seems to drop off. I was on Pred for almost 2 years and 3 months of that I was pregnant with my daughter I then came of them and just as I found out I was pregnant with my son my weight had gone down from 85KG to 80KG. Then the last month pof my son's pregnancy I was put on pre again for a year. I went up to 95KG but know 18 months after coming off them I am down to 83KG and know I have the pred battle again for how long this time I don't know but because I know I can loss the pred weight I am not anxious about gaining weight but I know once it is over I will loss it again an dhave fun lossing it.

I know the extra weight is probably making you feel fat and possibley ugly but I promise you once the preds are gone you will get your figure back. And when I get asked when baby is due I just say ""why do you want to know? Your no relative to me so you have no rights to ask whenbaby is due not that I'm saying there is a baby."" It makes them think and look at you funny and most times they just walk away looking very confused but the way they look is so fun. Rant away I can promise you for one that when the weight starts going back on I will be ranting I have a big issue with my weight and hate seeig the numbers go up but the feeling inside when they com edown is so amazing


I know exactly how you feel. Hospital say try and loose weight but I really don't think they know how hard that actually is.

I joined slimming world recently, first weigh in i put on half a pound but i kept going the week after i lost 4lb but was short lived this week i managed to put on 3lb :( The lady said to me what have you done wrong, why do people presume you must have done something wrong, I have been religiously trying this new healthy eating plan but really felt like jacking it all in this week. My mum gave me loads of encouragement so will face the music of weigh in next week.

I look at photos and it's like i am a different person in some of them, it does get me down but am having to accept I am what I am and the main thing is I am still here because of these drugs so that has to be a big plus!


people just presume you eat like theres no tommorow just cause your a plus size instead of staring id lovepeople to ask me outright i wouldnt mind id just say its due to medication id rather that than be stared at!!!


hi kerryanne

I would like be a bit on heavy side and bubbly than the other way.

pred is a problem and as long as you feel ok and happy thats all that matters.

lots of love and stay happy lol Glynis xxx


Oh dear....if only healthy things tasted as yummy as chocolate and cream buns. I have put 10lbs on in 8 days, i got the pred munchies big style. Am on 60mg daily at the mo and am craving lots of sweet things, will have to chop up veg and fruit and fill up on that instead of choc.

Never mind, it might come off as quickly as i put it on... and beauty is within - good job, take care Kerry-Anne and at least we can breathe, love lois


Kerry-Anne, I love your T-shirt idea!! :D I'm really struggling with the weight gain at the moment, coming up to 7 months on 40mg Pred and the weight isn't good. Even eating healthily isn't working - exercise is a real no no at the moment as my asthma's barely stable even on the Pred and I think that's a major problem as I used to be very active so the change is causing problems.

I had a really tearful moment last week; my consultant told me I was looking like the Mitchilin Man (:O) ... now I really respect him and am grateful to be under the care of such a well respected specialist but a little thought about how much such a tiny in passing comment sticks and then goes round and round in my head. I went for some retail therapy to cheer myself up and of course couldn't fit my old size, so then I was replaying the Mitchilin Man comments. So, I've given up trying to keep the food intake down etc for now, I simply can't take it, if it's not going to make any difference anyway, why starve myself and make myself more miserable.

Sorry, I realise that's not a helpful post to people, all this is really getting to me at the moment. I just want everything to be back to normal and back to the way it was. :(


hi Ratty i understand what you mean my con says things like just cause your on pred dont mean you have to eat more put them in our shoes for a couple of weeks then see if he saying the same thing and sorry your having a bad time to take care and pm me anytime you need a chat xxxx



This is my first time here and i am so glad i'm not the only one. My asthma has got worse since july and gained a stone no clothes fit, can't do my normal activities etc - i just hope i can get my asthma under control as it it just gets worse - good luck everyone


hi Kerryanne

dont worry about the weight it will balance out and soon settle again.love always Glynis xxx




you will make lots of friends on here and lots of help'love Glynis xxx welcome again x


def size 20 now went to see gp bout how much weight im on and even she said because of been on pred most of last year and still on them now i know i should just be happy im here at all but somtimes its hard when you see yourself im mirror and when you go clothes shopping and its sizes 6-16 so i have to go to evans now so upsetting it really is sorry for the moan


I look 4 month pregnant today im so full of wind can asthma meds and pred do it as ok normaly? thanks Glynis xxx


Steriods can make u retain water and distributes the fat unevenly in the body. That's why the belly gets bigger face gets rounder and some of us get a hump. Goes away with the reduction of steriod dose. The wind is usually caused as ur more breathless u swallow some of the air. And the air either goes up or down .....


thanks Gussypoo,wind swollowing thaught it must be as on full action plan with pred xxx


does cellulitis have anything to do with pred? silly question but ive had it twice now and seemed to be on steroids both times or is that just me thinking it is? xxx


bump!!! (for cellulitis question)


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