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Hi all, have been reading the forum for the last few days and have found some of the advice really helpful so I thought I could maybe pick your brains once more?

I'm 28 and was only diagnosed as having asthma last year, after suffering from frequent chest infections. It appears to be reasonably mild at the moment, I take becotide twice a day and ventolin as and when I need it. My symptoms (when it flares up) tend to be general wheeziness and coughing, but I also suffer from sinus trouble and (unfortunatley for my other half) snore a lot at night! I take a nasal spray at night before bed but still wake up in the morning with a blocked nose/sore head. I've also suffered with catarrh for years too.

Does anyone suffer from similar problems? I'm not sure if I should go back to my GP and see if there are any better treatmentts available. I get prescribed antihistemines for hay fever but only really get that during spring/summer.



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  • Jaxx, I have allergic rhinitis, so my head and nose block up over night, even on a good day. Try taking your antihystamines before you go to bed - even on days where you know you won't suffer hayfever.

    I often take benadryl and a decongestant like sudafed, (or the generic equivalent) before bed, which helps me over night. I tend to do this when I've got a bit of a cold, too - these over-the-counter drugs work quite well for me.

  • I suffer just like you do, i use nasel spray and tablets for my allergy. Plus my asthma inhalers. If it bothers you that much i would go back to you gp.

    Take care.

    Love carole x

  • Thanks for your replies!

    I use beconase nasal spray before bed at night and usually try putting olbas oil on my pillow, but will probably think about taking my antihistamines too rather than waiting till the inevitable hay fever arrives!

    Now the weather is a little milder I can probaly start sleeping with the window open again too.

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