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single parent struggling to cope with asthma

hi all im finding it very hard recently to cope with my asthma, a little about me im a 30 year old single parent of 2 kids age 6 and 7 i have no family support what so ever, i have 3 puffers 3 times a day nebs 3 times a day and a tablet each night i have severe brittle asthma and it getting worst i had a resperiarty arrest last sept and i havent been right since,, somedays i struggle to walk my kids to school as i carnt breathe and have no energy, i have no one to depend on and most times feel very scared there has been a few times iv had attacks and delt with it as i have no one to take care of my kids. i just worry one day i aint going to be so ""lucky"" is there any help or advise someone can give me as its a constant worry many thanks

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HI and welcome Gem,

Could try for DLA and also for some one to care for your children for a few hours give you a break.

If you contact social service they could help you.

I use to get paid by the social services to care for children to give parents a break.

eg if parent in hospital,parent unwell,single mums ,children with probs etc.

Also talk to the school if you live near by,they might be able help you.

When I had my leg in plaster ,a member of staff called to collect my son and bring him back OR ask as friend help with that.

You could also ring CAB and see what they think you can get help with.

Also you can set your mobile up to 999 by text if you carnt talk when have attack ,they have your details and just text help to where you are etc.

Good luck and hope you get a little help give you a break and may be a carer to come help you a little with things when you are having a bad time with your asthma ,

love glynis xxxx


Hi Gem,

Sorry to hear you're having such a bad time.

I know nothing about this myself but I believe the asthma nurses on the help line can offer practical as well as medical support, so I think it would be worth ringing them (no. at the top of the page).


Thank you for your advise I was always worried about social servcies so I never thought about going down that path but I'm gonna try and speak to someone there. I tried to get dla and they refused me saying I can take care of my hygiene and I don't need no walking aids! I am away from all my friends as I had to move away due to x issues so I have no one not even to bring kids to school but I think its a great idea by going in and speaking to them I will go cab and see if they can give me usefull numbers thank you so much


I'm sorry you're struggling so much at the moment. You sound like you have a tremendous amount on your plate. What kind of informal support do you have - have you got friends in the local area who can give you emotional support?

I agree that you could discuss arrangements with childrens services and see if they can give you any support. They can definitely be supportive in situations like yours. Also agree with the advice to contact CAB - they usually have specialist benefit advisors who can help in the situation you describe.

You sound like you're under an incredible amount of emotional stress and I wonder if there is something you can do to address that and whether this might make a difference to your asthma? It can't be helping to be feeling so worried and anxious. Maybe talk to your GP about this if you feel able and see if he or she can offer some support?

Take care



no i dont have no family support since the breakdown of my marriage i have a friends but they dont drive and live at least 40 mins away from me i was in hospital last year and cause my kids could not get to school i had a educational welfare officer


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