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Prescription costs

I recently went to the pharmacy to get my two inhalers which will last me aroun 4/5 weeks. The recent rise in prescritpion costs to over £7 now mean that each time i want the pleasure of breathing i have to pay almost £15. I believe that as asthma is a condition that could be fatal without adequate medication prescriptions for asthamtics should be free?

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Hi I get a pre payment which is £20 ish pounds for 3 months and that works out cheeper depending how many things you get over 3 months but I agree it does not seem fair havng to pay for each item just so we can breath take care from elaine


Do a message board search for prescription costs (use the search box on the left below the ""talking points"" section) and you'll find that this has been discussed many, many times before! There's some good advice about reducing your prescription costs to be found.

But some quick advice; if you're spending ~£15 on meds every four weeks, then a pre-payment card will save you a fair amount of money. See here:


Prescription Costs


Here in Scotland, prescriptions are £5 per item, and will be reduced by £1 next year and the year after, before the Scottish government abolish prescription charges in 2011. I take it there's no plans for this in England and Wales?

I agree with you totally though - I don't think asthmatics should have to fork out all that money for medication, particularly those whose medication only lasts a short time.


Prescriptions are already free in Wales.


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