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Up and down

what a strange week. After a rotten tuesday on which i saw a useless gp who told me to go for a brisk walk in the park while i could barely breathe, things improved a lot and i felt well enough today to tackle some gardening. Took ventolin and hayfever meds and cut the grass, and am feeling rough now. Managed to harvest the potatoes and carrots and pick some brambles too. I'm so frustrated with myself. I love gardening and it's irritating that i can't do as much as i'd like. Thanks for listening to me moan. I know it's nothing compared to what some of you are going through.

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same here.

Im fed up too. Im officially at stage 5 care and now think i have another sinus infection i've just started that emergency antibiotic my gp's gave me. Did your gp help you in the end?

im fed up as its either asthma or sinus/rhinitis - nose issues going up and down for me im sick of this pattern its yet another weekend im hybernating indoors and thinking to 'sleep it off' - I officially have no life! and asthma as taken over!


Me too

I am also fed up with my asthma and hayfever, if it is not one then its the other, so far this year my asthma has taken over my life even though I have tried to keep getting on with my life.

It can be so frustrating can't it.


Nothing helpful from gp. I'm due to see him on monday with yet another peak flow diary. Not quite sure what he thinks he'll get from it that other dr didn't. Tomorrow is the first church service of the new choir year. Have had the summer off from singing. Not sure how my body will react to singing a mass, 6 hymns and 2 communion pieces, all first thing on a morning in a cold church :( sorry you're having such a tough time, fingers crossed things look up for you soon. P x


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