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First appointment with asthma clinic

I'm getting antsy because I've finally booked in with my GP's asthma clinic, and I'm really nervous that the practice nurse will be pants.

My asthma's not bad, but it's not fabulously well managed. I was loosely diagnosed just over a year ago, and I've had no kind of review or plan or anything since then. I was prescribed 100mcg beclomethasone, salbutamol when needed, and waved on my way.

I've finally braced myself and booked in with the asthma clinic, and now I'm twitchy.


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Oh I know this feeling. Though not with this specifically, more with other asthma professional people. I've only seen the asthma nurse once and she had no idea what to do with me - to be fair I can't really blame her for this as neither does anyone else!

My suggestion would be: go along, see the nurse, test-drive the service. If good - great! If not - how's your GP? My solution has been to just see the GP all the time - the asthma nurse just rings him anyway so it saves everyone's time, and he tends to get a bit more creative with ideas. Admittedly this might be just mine; I would hope you have one as good. If not, some shopping around the surgery might be in order if you haven't done this already.

Good luck!


it's ok the same thing happend to me i was practicly shacking but it was fine dont worry about it I'm sure the nurse will be loverly and anyway she mite be like mine and want to find out if you are asmatic or not and give you this breathing mesurer just dont get yourself worked up you will be fine and remember to breathe deeply and slowly when you do.


Good luck for your appointment .look at it as a positive thing....... Everyone feels nervous and apprehensive when it's your first visit. Best to go in and give the nurse a chance ..... best not getting to stressed over it. Stress usually makes asthma worse. The nurse will just want to ask questions to see how you been. Check ur techniques for inhalers and peak flow and give any advice on how to improve things .... If I have a bad experience with someone I put it down to them having a bad day. I Give them another chance before I rule out that I won't go back ....


Don't worry she is not going to do anything unpleasant to you. I got diagnosed September 11 i go every month for a review and she is fantastic. Appoachable tells me the do's and don'ts to try and keep me attack free. She is passionate about her job and an unsung hero like many asthma nurses. She has tried combinations of the treatments available & advises me not to worry there are various combinations we can try. Biggest problem i have had was my work questioning do i come under the DDA whuch she has told me i do and will back me with the GP 100% if i have any issues. You wont feel like your alone there is others just like you as this site fantastic site shows.


Thanks all!

It was, indeed, a painless and useful appointment :)

The nurse was lovely - very clear, didn't talk down to me, didn't brush me off. She's leaving, unfortunately, but I'm much more relaxed about going back to see others at my GPs now - I've got a follow-up in a month.

She went through my management (not fabulous, not awful), demonstrated inhaler technique, sorted out a spacer for me & increased my steroid dose to a more sensible level, and did my flu jab there and then!

I'm to go back in a month & see how things have gone. If I'm still using ventolin frequentlly we'll review whether I need a long-acting bronchodilator in addition to the brown & blue inhalers, but hopefully the increased brown inhaler will sort my lungs out.

Thanks for being helpful everyone :)


So glad it went well .... Hope the extra dose on inhaler works ....


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