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Colds & the flu jab

Hi there,

I've been thinking I should ask for a flu jab, as it was a nasty cold that triggered the cough that got me loosely diagnosed with asthma in the first place!

I've only just changed GP (because of moving house), and there's no way my notes will have got to the new practice yet.

Can I ask them for a flu jab before my notes get there?

On that note, I've gone and caught a cold-type bug that's kicked my asthma back off and my throat feels tight & bruised to breathe - I think tonsillitis is brewing. Do I need to wait for this to clear before going for a flu jab?


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yes you need to be well for the flu jag, no coughs . colds or fevers.... thats wot i was told


I was told that it was ok to have flu jab if you are unwell, but not if you have a temperature... Might be worth checking with the surgery.


Since June this year, I've had bronchitis, colds, flu, more colds. Each time I've asked about the flu jag, been told have to wait until completely well. At this rate, I'll be missing the flu jag this year.


I had laryngitis and was told I had to wait for that to clear before getting the jab. As long as your surgery know you have asthma and if you take inhaled steroids for it there should be no problem you getting the jab when you are better, and by then they may have your records. You could always ask them to call your old surgery to confirm the diagnosis to prevent holding it up longer than necessary. You may also be entitled to the pneumococcal jab which is a long acting (10 years +) protection from pneumonia. I had both together, one in each arm so it was difficult to lie on either side for a couple of days as my arms were sore!



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