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endocrine failure

Hi all, I am hoping that someone out there can offer me a glimmer of hope!!

My 11 year old son has had brittle asthma since he was around 5 years old, but has been a severe asthmatic for 10 and a half years. He is in and out of hospital all the time and is on huge doses of medication to try and keep his asthma under control, which ofcourse it isn't. Jack is on daily steriods and has been for nearly 4 months this last stint and after his last hospital stay his consultant was very insistant the he be tested to see whether he was producing cortisone or not. This was done on Tue (5 days ago) and even though I was pretty sure of the outcome it still came as a shock to find out yesterday that he is in endocrine failure due to the continuous use of steriods in his life.

We are meeting with the top endocronoligist this week, but i am terrified I am going to lose my son through this awful disease. They think that his liver is starting to suffer and that he may infact become more dependent on high dosage of medication to keep him alive. I have heard that the replacemnt medication can indeed increase chances of cancer for him.

I guess what I am asking is, is there anyone out there in my position who can offer me some hope. Any advice would be so gratefully recieved.


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