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Hi Everyone

I have been prescribed a short course of Prednisolone today and was just wondering how long it takes before it starts to have an effect?

Also everyone keeps saying I should know what has triggered the asthma attack as I don't have a chest infection or cold but I don't have any idea as there is nothing obvious. Is this normal or should I know what has triggered it.

Thank you for your help x

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HI Bernie,

I dont know what triggers my attacks and have them alot ,the Pred will really help you and should soon start to feel a little relief.

love Glynis xxx


Hi Glyns

Thank you for your reply ii always helps to know other people are in the same position as me. You were right about the pred it has started to work and has really made a difference. I was starting to get down has I hadn't been right for 6 weeks or so but I guess they don't like to give you the pred until you become really bad.



Hi Bernie,

Give the pred a few days and you should start to feel better, but do take the whole course.

What triggered your asthma, well, do you know what your normal triggers are, cold air, smoke, pets, washing powders, anything can do it, and more than one. Could be that you walked past someone who had a perfume or been in contact with a cat if they trigger your asthma, it really is that simple or complicated depending on your view point.



It varies but you should start to see improvements within 24 hours, though depending on the severity, expect pred to take a while before you are back to normal. Plus remember, part of the recovery is taking it easy, so along side of the medication you have to play your part as well, says she who is naff at being good and behaves quite naughty sometimes LOL. Yep have a sense of humour, you have to in this world. As for knowing your triggers, well we all know our triggers, doesn't mean to say we always know what triggered this or that particular attack. Where possible avoid triggers, but sometimes it is impossible and you cannot live in an air bubble to protect yourself from everything. The main thing about your asthma control, is that as soon as you feel under the weather you do something about it. And don't blame yourself when the Asthma isn't so clever.


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