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I have a question for the past couple of years i have had problems with congestion. I am always congested after a cold gets worse for weeks. I use the over the counter nasal congestion which i use it all the time because i learned it gives a rebound effect, i have tried flonase which is the only one that helped me get off of the other. But then when i get a cold i am back to congestion and the cycle starts all over. I don't know what to do anymore i went to my family dr today and he didnt say much, he didnt know what to say about it. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if it's maybe an asthma related allergies?

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I have allergic rhinitis which is a bit like hayfever, except you get it all year round. I am allergic to so many different things that my nose is very sensitive and always reacting to things. I have a poor sense of smell. I have congestion in my nose overnight and every morning when I get up, and its somethign I live with. When things get bad, I use an over-the-counter decongestant (my favourite is phenylephrine hydrochloride) and an anti-hystamine (i use acrivastine).

Nasal sprays always make me worse because they irritate my very-sensitive nasal lining, and effectively double my symptoms!!


Like Spaniel (waves - Hiya!) my daughter has allergic rhinitis and when she gets like this we have a little plastic cup made by Vicks that we put hot water in and we just steam her. It sounds too simple to be effective but it works very well with her. On a very bad day we repeat it every half hour or so. When our gp suggested it I felt very fobbed off but it really does help.


Jacqui Mac


hello - being almost permanently congested is no good cos apart from being miserable for you it means you'll be mouth-breathing and also won't be resisting infection as well if your nose isn't working properly. Why don't you ask your gp if you could use flixonase or nasonex all the time? sounds as if you need it. it's no problem using a steroid nasal inhaler if you're already using a steroid oral one - I use both as I expect do many others here

good luck amandana


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