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Advair /Evohaler anyone use it?


I was wondering if anyone used Evohaler for their asthma? again i could be using the north american name i have noticed alot of the inhalers here are by diffrent names. I also saw its called fluticasone, so forgive me if i am not getting it right. I was advised by my asthma educator to switch to this which is the diskus type, cause she feels it would help me more. Well i have heard and read some bad stuff about this causing an increase in asthma related deaths, so i am not to sure about it now. I havent yet switched but she expects me that i have switched at my dr's. Anyone have any insight on this?

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I think Advair is what you are referring to - Evohaler is simply a name for a type of inhaler device, rather than the medication. Advair is known over here in the UK as Seretide, and is a combination inhaler containing Fluticasone and Salmetarol.

The reference you make to increased death rates are not with combination inhaler such as Seretide/Advair, but with the use of LABAs (long-acting beta-2 agonists) such as Salmetarol, alone. These medications *only* show an increase in asthma-related morbidity/mortality when they are used alone - i.e. without the concurrent use of an inhaled corticosteroid such as fluticasone, hence the current popularity of ""combined"" inhalers such as Seretide/Advair. When the two medications are used together they are safe, and there is no increase in death rates.

Discuss your concerns with your asthma nurse/doctor as they will be able to give you more information and answer your questions more fully.

Hope this helps,



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