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asthma injections

my daughter 18 has got severe asthma and allergies (along with other health problems) and we have been to the hospital today to see the consultant and he mentioned applying to the PCT for funding for a new treatment involving an injection every 2 to 4 weeks for life. i really cant remember the name but i think they said it was mepolizumab. i would be really grateful if any of you could give me any info you know about it or about getting funding from your PCT as i know from experience this can be very hard.

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It's called Omalizumab or the trade name is Xolair. If you search for either/both of those on this site, you'll find lots of posts.


thank you very much.



There's a chance it could be Mepo, it's a drug Glenfield are currently trying to get funding for and ues in research projects. Quite similiar to Xolair I think




my consultant is trying to get funding for me to have the same thing

mepo or xolair (omaliviimub) injections

good luck



thank you. you dont by any chance know anything else about it do you, i want to be able to go back to the consultant next week with as much information as possible.


snowygirl can i ask you i you dont mind saying where abouts in the country you are and what other treatments you have tried?


Can't remember the drug name but the drug is similar to xolair, but is an injection rather than an infusion, where xolair works on allergy type asthma , this will work on the inflamatory type by blocking the inflamation from occurring in the lungs..... At present it is a drug trial only ....but 5 companys in the uk are making it,


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