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Health Psychology / Counselling

I was wondering if anyone knew if there exists such a thing as specialist psychological services / counselling for people with long term / chronic / multiple health conditions?

I see a general counsellor although my time with her is coming to an end, and she's very keen that I have some ongoing support to help me cope with my various health issues and the subsequent impacts across my life. She would like this to be specialist if possible, but isn't sure if such a thing exists.

She's also going to speak to my GP (who is quite happy to provide any referral) but I was thinking that there may be people here who know a little more about these things. :)

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Hi there :)

I am not sure what access to services you have, but I see a health psychologist at Royal Brompton Hospital. I am under their care, are you too?

I saw a generic counsellor to help deal with everything, and much like you, she helped with other issues but wasn't clued up about asthma/chronic conditions.

I should think that in a local PCT there would be a health psychologist, especially in hospital settings. I know that places such as ICU wards have counselling services, so I shouldn't see why it wouldn't be across the board in a hospital?

Good luck :)


I see a clinical pyschologist at my local hospital he works within the pain clinic so mostly with people with long term pain but has a few odd people.

i find its good sometimes just to talk.... hes even said my thoughts etc are normal after what ive been through, it does make me laugh the things he comes up with! Last time it was I need to have a better relationship with my nebs!


your GP would be the best person to ask as they can refer you on and would have lists of people locally for you to try to.

i seen one privately last year in my locality who was very good, defo clued up on long term conditins, not so much asthma, but could relate other condition to it in some kinda way weirdly. i saw her for other issues as well though - all rounder really.

dont see anyone now, but it would defo help!

good luck :)

x x x


Thanks everyone for your replies - very helpful and some things there to discuss with my GP / current psychologist. I hadn't thought of there being psychologists based within hospitals, but that makes a lot of sense - I'm not with RBH, thankfully the Omalizumab treatment is really working for me and things seem to be going okay (that's the sort of thing you say and regret, isn't it? oops!) but my Costa might be a very helpful way forward, especially as they see me for everything so would have a good idea of what would be best for me.


I see psychlogist and have got a cpn and a shrink for vairious reasons including alot of health problems that i deal with everyday also for other things in my life


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