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Lincolnshire Hospitals/Consultants

I've read the T&Cs of this site and I *think* it's okay to ask this, if not, I'm really sorry mods - maybe people can answer by PM if not allowed?

I'm going to be moving to deepest darkest Lincolnshire in about 4 weeks - middle of nowhere which will be a real shock after Central London. I have a choice of one GP (not even one practice - one GP!) so no decision to make there, but I need to find out about consultants/hospitals.

My nearest 'big' hospital will be Lincoln (about 1 1/2 hours away - I'm not allowed to drive so reliant on rural buses). I have been treated there before in ITU (not for asthma) and was quite happy with the care I had so I think I'd be happy to go there if they have the consultants/specialist teams I need.

Does anyone know about asthma/allergy/respiratory consultants/care at Lincoln who understand severe/brittle asthma (or other Lincolnshire hospitals)? Any recommendations/places to avoid? Do any of you have Omalizumab in Lincolnshire - at which hospital?

I also need an endocrinology team, neurologist and hand therapy/physio if anyone happens to know about them - told you I was complex!!

Thanks :)

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In response to your post, I don't know anything about Lincolnshire hospitals, but happen to know that a lot of people from the Lincolnshire area go to Glenfield in Leicestershire as their tertiary care centre. They're very good there, and certainly do xolair!

Hope your move to Lincolnshire goes well!



Hi B, thanks for that, very useful. You're right, I'll be the other side from the Nottingham side, so it would be a long trip (but I'm guessing not as far as London!) and it may be that I need their specialist team - perhaps there could be some coordination between the two, that would be good. Will be interesting to see what they say about Xolair, useful to have the option, even if I decide to have a break.

Culture shock - oh yeah! I grew up in London/South and my family moved when I was at uni, so it's never really been 'home' as such. I find it a real shock to the system when I go to visit for a few days, and I find it's something that Southeners just can't understand. They don't get when I say the local village bus service is infrequent that I mean it runs two days a week!!!!


Good luck with the move & sorting out hospitals. Don't know Lincolnshire myself but would you be near Grimsby either? Sure there's been mention on here of asthma teams there but not sure about xolair.


Thanks, that's another to look in to. Transport is my big issue as I'm not allowed to drive, and to get to most places I'd have to get to Lincoln first - Grimsby's about an hour on the train once I get to Lincoln, so 2 1/2 hours in total (5 hours there and back minimum). But worth considering - thanks. :)


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