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please help had asthma for 5 yrs

Hi please help me i have had asthma for around 5yrs and i am on the following medication symbicort,sabutomol ventolin and singular i have had to go onto the social but my doctors wont give me a sicknote to give them anyone else had problems like this its getting me down and depressed at the moment as i cant do much with my 4yr old and 1 yr old children

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HI,think I heard it was a better option for getting a job and if you have children.

.Think if you have been in hospital a lot and asthma really bad its up to the information your doc or con

can give to support you information and if fit for work .

Hope some one else will come along and give you more information.

There seems to be a big shake up and everyone confused whats going on.

Try google it up.

Hope all goes well for you ,love Glynis xxx


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