hey all

i may be sounding a lil stupid asking this considering i probably tried every inh known to man!!

but i have never heard of clenil...

currently on ciclesonide and oxis amongst many others - see profile for list!!! lol

what is it??

that is one i have never heard of and seeing as i seem to have tried everything else so it seems and am having no luck with gaining any control, and consultant out of ideas too, wonder if i should mention it to him at appt thurs when start xolair...

x x x

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  • i have i didnt work for me. And its just a steriod inhaler

  • okay if its just steroid inhaler defo wont work then as i am steroid inhaler now - double recommended dose....

    thought it maybe wonder drug or something lol as it seemed a lot of people were on it lol


  • it works for some people but not all i was on it for about 4 weeks and had no relief so if it doesnt work for me it wont help you


  • If its the clenil modulite, its maroon coloured steroid inhaler, i got switched from brown one to clenil cos basically its cheaper.

    No better though so no miracles for you Snowy

    Sorry :(

  • Clenil aka clenil modulite is the Cfc free inhaler that replaced becotide when they phased it out ! it's a preventer used to treat the mild to moderate end of the spectrum from what ive been told. So sorry no definatley not a wonder drug. Its not a vey nice inhaler at all and I'd say personally becotide worked better! Oh what I'd give to have my trusty becotide back !!!!

  • Snowygirl, think a lot of people are on it as it's the first prescribed by NHS as it's cheapest. It's beclometasone aka becotide... previously now with non CFC propellant and tastes foul I thought making me cough even more.

  • TJ

    So glad to hear someone else say how horrible this is and that it makes you cough( although sorry for you it has!). I am new to all of this and Clenil is the first preventer I have been prescribed but I cough and cough after taking it which I have to do for 3 puffs 3 times a day using a spacer -am going to ask at my next appointment at asthma clinic whether there is an alternative to this as I hate setting off my cough last thing at night.

  • Must have gone from 0 to severe then Snowygirl? Do not pass Go, do not collect a shedload of useless inhalers...Clenil does taste manky and I think it made me cough too. Though I'm sure you'd rather have one manky tasting one than the entire pharmacy you seem to have to cart around!

    As TJ says it seems to be the first reliever they prescribe (first GP was so sure it would work he prescribed 2!). I now have a cupboard full of inhalers which don't work for me, as 2 lots of GPs went through the same set of preventers and relievers (perhaps I should start a museum?) This is why I ended up being referred twice I think - it's not that my problems are so severe when compared to others, but I kept going back and saying 'ummm, this one doesn't work either' and eventually the GPs ran out of ideas.

  • Had heard of clenil but never tried it.

    Lil Tinx _ right there with you re Becotide my asthma was completely under control when I was on Becotide as a child. Maybe we could start a bring back Becotide campaign???!!!

  • Clenil has some nasty effects :(. Childhood with becotide is deeply missed x.

  • 0 to severe/ brittle philomela feels like it but no.

    was on other inhalers including becotide, seretide, smart regime amongst others but none worked, looks like these aint doing trick either!!

    but if clenil is similar to brown - i.e. becotide, which was first one i was on for mild - mod asthma, then it certainly gonna be of no benefit as a brittle asthmatic lol. and i certainly wudnt wanna risk finding out bout the nasty side effects as well as the declining health....

    thanks, guys for all your replies and comments :)


  • Clenil

    I was told Clenil is the same as becotide with a different name and it works great for me exept my doc puts one puff twice a day on the prescription and I take three. I have tried two but was short of breath so wet back to three.

  • This is months old? Veggiebab, not sure why you've answered it now. Does your GP or asthma nurse know you are taking more than is prescribed? That really is not a good idea and you should go back if their dose is not helping

  • I agree with most on this - bring back Becotide. Clenil doesnt taste nice and I dont think it works as well (my asthma is quite mild in comparision to some) and I dont have half the control over it as I did when on Becotide.

    Bless you for researching though! xx

  • Clenil

    Every Clenil inhaler I've had since I've had since I first had asthma 5 months ago haven't worked properly they have only sprayed a full dose occasionally but the new one I have must be from a new batch as it works perfectly yipee! Anybody else had the same trouble? Sorry wrong the latest inhaler is just the same.

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