abdo pain

normally i get really bad reflux and am struggling to find anything that works, maybe omeprazole?

any thoughts?

but what i was wondering, tonight for the past 90 mins or so, nellie is in residence, with abdominal pain which i dont normally get with reflux symptoms....??

tried my inh to get rid of nellie, but she wont shift, so GP on their way wiv nebs and if dont work then its a trip to A+E yet again, for 5th time- i think :S in the past 2 weeks .....


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  • Sorry that you are feeling rough, hope you feel better soon

  • Sorry that you are feeling rough, hope you feel better soon

  • Ah Snowy...........poor you. Hope the GP is able to help you. Maybe the abdo pain could be muscular? You've had a lot to cope with recently - let us know how you get on when you can



  • thanks fee...

    still waiting for GP, so taking inh in meantime to try get rid of nellie but she being stubborn!!

    abdo pain not so bad, but still there, not sure if muscular from the effort of breathing etc maybe or reflux like i said ?? i dunno, but not couging so much as i normally do as i cant, chest too tight at the mo :(

    will let u know xx

  • Hope nebs help.Just had big attack on night out.had ten puffs of blue and still strugling.! See how next half hour goes.

  • I do hope the nebs help you.

  • thanks guys

    just had GP here, few nebs later and nellie seems to be packing her trunk and shifting...

    GP happy that i dont need a+e at the moment so i cant TRY sleep, with plenty of pillows as usual... but if get symptoms within next few hour or so, then a+e it is, no excuses :( we will see...

    how u doing glynis? sorry u had a bad night :S


  • Glad the GP was able to help a bit snowy....really hope you didn't get worse in the night.

    Let us know how you are when you can!


    *Edited to remove spelling mistake!

  • morning fee

    glad to report didnt get worse during the night and feeling okayish... managed to stay away from a+e this time :)

    inh keeping nellie in the circus at the mo, she comes but decides to pack her trunk and leave for a while...

    hope ur okay and thanks for your concer as always xx

  • Glad you didnt get captured and feel a little better xxx

    its a dark dull wet day here today but resting up as had a splat last night xxx

  • no glynis green men/women kept away this time, for a change... nellie being good and losing weight as well today :)

    thanks guys.

    weather quite good today - sun shining which always makes me smile :) not up to goin out much tho yet but nice to look at out the window for now.... feeling stronger and abdo pain gone just the normal reflux. gonna ask gp for omeprazole.


  • glad u are resting up glynis and keep well x

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