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so fed up sorry to moan!!!

I am sorry to moan but just so fed up with this whole situation!!

I have been and out of hospital every 4-6 weeks with my asthma the last two years or so! I am currently under the rbh as well as mny

Local hospital!

I have been in hospital for two weeks wih a chest infection and things just don't seem

To be getting better! I am still on regular nebs and now finished the antibiotics!!

I just don't know what to do now as I am gonna be stuck here for the whole bank holiday

Weekend and they are saying there is nothing they can do but give it time!! I really don't know what to do and feel

Like I am just taking up.a hospital bed!! Can anyone offer any advice? Or been in a similar

Situation!! Sorry to moan but I am so fed up with the this!!!

Best wishes to everyone


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Hi sarah

I have been there with that! It is unfortuately time. At the moment i am at home but i keep getting infection after infection. I get rid of one and low and behold once week later i get another one. It is really frustrating. I know what it is like to feel like you are taking up a hospital bed it is very annoying but you need to give your asthma chance to settle down. It can take a while or in my opinion always takes a while. Dont want to scare you but one time it took me 5 whole weeks before my asthma was settled enough to go home. Have you got people who can visit you? Have you go puzzle books? Have you got arty things you can do or craft activities? Do you like reading? Do you like tv? You could request to go to chapel sunday morning for a change of scenery even if you not religious it nice to see a different place and different people. Some ideas of what to do. Have you told the nurses how you feel? They often dont mind chatting things through with you. I know how awful it can be stuck in hospital when you dont feel you need to be but the medical people think you need to be. Feel free to pm me if you want i have been in your situation a fair few times and i am kind of in it now accept i am at home but not really doing much apart from resting. It is so boring!



Hi sarah,

Sorry your in the costa del NHS,

welcome pm me any time for a chat im on.

Last year I was stuck in hospital over the easter week end and also

stuck in for my sons birthday so that upset me more.

The hospital were realy nice but could not scan me from the thursday till

Tuesday and then came out next day with meds. etc.

I was in a ward with the elderly but I love the elderly and helped them out

with brushing their hair and drinks and passing them items and having a sing song.

hope you have lots of visitors and home soon,love Glynis xxx


Know how you feel!

We all know how you feel Sarah. Your infection will get better. You are in the right place - even if you would prefer to be anywhere else and we all know that feeling too. Ask people to come and visit you - I find it takes my mind off where I am. I agree with Plummie - I fill in tons of puzzles when this happens to me.

Take care and try and rest. You will get better sooner there.



hi Sarsh

sorry to hear you are in hospital i know exactly how u feel. I have only been out of hospital for a short while after a 4 and a half week admission i was on iv amonophyline for 4 weeks of that then developed complications (blood clots in both arms due to midlines)

I know it is horrible i was desperate to go after the 1st week but i have made the mistake b4 of discharing myself to earky and the next day ending up back in hosp on the icu ward and ventolated.

so hang on in there i thought i was never going home but asthma can take time to get over and recover from.

And trust me if they dint think that you should be there they would of discharged as such a shortage of beds. hope you get well soon


In hospital for something entirely different some years ago, I knew that the kids were ok with passed around the relatives since my husband was at work all day, but feeling that guilt that all mums have at one time or another, I persuaded the docs to let me go. Basically signed myself out and if anything went wrong then on my head be it.

I never gave a thought to how exhausted I'd feel at home and really wished I'd taken the docs advice and stayed for a week or two more.

sarah07, boring though it might be, please stay there until they decide to chuck you out and not before.

Take care,

GM xx


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