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feeling miserable and fed up!!


My asthma has been to say the least difficult over the last year with numerous admissions etc, i have not been of pred since june of last year and am never below 30mg. i recently did the RBH difficult asthma protocal and am due to go back at the end of June for some more tests

recently i have had three admissions and two of them requiring CCU intervention, the most recent started as a cold and then went to saw respiratory nurse on the tuesday where to say the least she was quite cross saying that i was ignoring warning signs and leaving it to long before going to hospital, well to be honest i didnt feel that bad and just thought a course of antibiotics was on the cards anyway was finally discharged on monday and although am much better that i was and kind of back to the normal symptons that i have had continuasly, does anyway one else feel that they can not allways judge how bad things are getting?

since being discharged i have lost all my energy, i know you have to give it time but i am never very patient and feel that this is taking over my life. the fact i was also admitted to CCU and everyone look so terrified is really playing on my mind as well, i dont know why but it has really made me think how bad things were!

i have spoken to nurse at hospital today who is very supportive and a real life line but i feel like i am driving her crazy as it seems to be a continuous fight to keep things under control, i hate having to contact her because i get the feeling she is frustrated by whole situation.

well today it has all come to a head and have just sat and burst into tears for no reason, i am so fed up with this taking over so much of my life, i am tired where i dont sleep well, due to coughing etc, i feel like i am becoming a complete nuisance and always at doctors or hospital etc, i feel like i am having to rely on others all the time, i am trying to hold down a full time job but my sickness record is appauling, people say that i should give up work but i am determined not to, i just dont know what to do anymore to help things.

i am sorry that this is so depressing to read but i just needed to write it down, i am not expecting any replys and i am sure things will pick up soon, they definetly cant get any worse!! i am flying to Turkey on tuesday and am hoping the rest will be what i need.

thankyou for reading this and if anyone has any advice i would be grateful, i think i need somone toslap me around the face and tell me to pull my socks up and get on with it, i do know there are people out there much worse of than me!!



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Just wanted to say I'm sending you a massive hug. It's horrible... I know exactly how you feel. I too don't realise how bad I get, or go down very quickly. I've been told neumerous times that I don't go in to hospital quick enough, and how can I not tell? I too am exhausted after my recent admission (only got out on tuesday) and have sat 4 a-level exams in the last two days, and all I intend to do now is sleep.

*hugs* ally x


Hi sarah sending you hugs, it is hard to tell when you should go in. If you get the point you are saying should i shouldnt i just go, they are happy to see a well patient, esp when someone is asthmatic!

Be careful about working, i learnt the hard way, did too much and ended up in hospital for 5 weeks?!

You can message me at any point, just to chat or whatever.



I know the feeling!

Since febuary this year I have been to my GP , also to hospital with phials of ""samples"" , at week ends had to go to our out of hours doctor to go on nebuliser had xrays . usually perscribed from doctor a course of antibiotics twice a month as a weekly course does'nt work total 10 courses of antibiotic + 4 courses of steriods. and last week went for a chest xray. this morning a telephone call hurrah ! appointment to see resparitary consultant .......wait for it Saturday 27th june. they have put extra clinics in. my GP wrote to them in March for a appointment. But until then I expect another visit to GP will be on my calender.

So with all that and after 20yrs of making ""show costumes"" for local companies I have to give that up because of the""fibres"" in the material, What next ?? Well I am now making my own ""birthday cards"" etc . and really enjoying this. so why not try something else to cheer your self up plenty of ""crafty ""web site's. so when you can't get to sleep make a few cards and hopefully take you mind off problems.

you will make plenty of frends including me if you want to chat , I may be a wheezy O.A.P. Any thing helps you are not on you own. chin up (its chin's with me! ) Love to hear from you.

Pat x



Thankyou all of your for lovely reply, they have made me feel so much better and not so alone with it to deal with.

Bex i am due into RBH on the 29th June so fingers crossed it is at the same time would be lovely to meet!!

Thankyou once again



lots of hugs!

don't give up your dreams Sarah, but dooooo listen to your body more! I feel guilty all the time if I'm exhausted mentally/physically or know I'm getting bad so much so that I just let it go out of control because I don't want to 'put anyone out'... then I have to remember that my family and friends love me and that I gotta just speak out. It's so hard though... My emotions are all over the place because of Pred and I'm suffering from that self-pity state of 'no-one knows what I feel like inside', had the tears this evening and now I'm going to watch Katie and Peter Stateside, because when I watch that I'm gonna know instantly that I got it better haha

I hope you feel a bit better - everyones so lovely on these forums... all seeing all knowing all understanding support :)




Hello Sarah,

Sorry you are having a bad time at the mo.... I think all of us severe / brittle asthmatics get to the stage where it starts to rule our lives and interferes with daily life!

Sometimes with a slow deterioration it is dificult to judge how bad we are getting and by the time we realise, or someone else points out, we are quite unwell.

I have had moments when I burst into tears, often aided by tiredness, pred and sometimes PMT!

I know it is hard but perhaps consider working part time for a bit? Just so you can get your health back on track? Don't think of it as failing by lightening the work load, think of it as a means to get more control otherwise you could end up in a vicious circle of work - hospital... etc. (Just my thoughts...........)

Anyway, I hope you can get to Turkey and enjoy it!

Take care




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