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Symbicort and G&T

I always read manufacturers leaflets enclosed with inhalers, etc. and if they say no alcohol, then the my once weekly G&T's (2 of) are swapped for diet cokes.

Symbicort leaflet had no warning about taking alcohol so it was a surprise when, after my Friday night out and usual two G&Ts, I felt dizzy and unwell whereas ok with previous seretide 125. Did a google and found canada and new zealand advise against taking alcohol with symbicort. Why doesn't the uk leaflet say anything?


(Maybe this post should've gone in Rant thread.)

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Hi GM,

File a yellow card report. yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/

then eventually it may get picked up and changed


I caertianly never held off the odd G&T or 6 when on Symbicort co-incidence maybe? Also some coutries advice leaflets are geared around not being sued so their warnings list is huge and will without a doubt include alcohol.



Possibly coincidence with number of friends who've had sore throats and the odd headache over the past few weeks. Will keep an eye on it.


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