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Not sure where this question should be posted - New Shoes. Ouch! 8(

Just a wee question - what should I use on blistered feet so I can walk tomorrow and not show that my feet hurt?

Cos suddenly on Monday, there was sunshine. Had summer almost arrived? Felt perhaps, summer shoes were in order.

In an effort to find shoes which give space for toes to move, I bought a pair of Converse canvas lace up shoes. Oh boy! Day 4, I'm getting blisters and bleeding toes.

Trying not to grumble to DH, as last Oct, bought new DMs in my usual size. Fine in the shop but by night time, I felt as if my toes were not only burning, but being permanently folded under. Persevered for another day before I returned them to shop.

Any advice on buying shoes would be a help too.


PS From Oct 08, I've still got bright red mark that looks like I've red nail varnish on big toe. Guess thats going to take its time in going.

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There is something called Compeed which is a flashy blister plaster with squishy padding that you can get from Boots etc and good outdoor shops.

When buying shoes go for a size bigger if they have straps or laces!!!!

My feet are size three & half but all my walking boots are a size five!

Tromp around the house in them so if they do hurt you can take them back within 28 days. Have you tried socks??

Just having fun & games with 'Blacks' and a pair of new walking books - ha ha, dificult to exchange with one leg plastered. I get goood boots for short field trips into muddy or rutted field so I don't wreck ankles.... how ironic at the mo.

I dont' do any distance in my boots at all so take a bit to break them in.



I had a similar problem last year when I decided to buy a pair of New Rock Reactor boots and tried to walk long distances in them. By the end of the weekend, my feet were blistered and bloodied.

In the end, I ended up throwing them around to soften the leather, and now theyre soft and comfortable, if not a little heavy.

Another shoe issue I had last year was on a pair of Vans slip ons which have PVC on the back, to work those in, I had to rub vaseline on the back of my heel everytime I wore them. I saved in blister plasters

sorry if this isnt helpful, but the vaseline trick could help


Thank you for the advice. Compeed has helped such a lot in cushioning. Going with the Vaseline on the Converse's next outing. Loved the idea of throwing your boots around for softening the leather. Probably the best thing though. 8)

My walking boots are a bigger size as are my UGGS. Probably why they're comfy.

I should have done the right thing with the DMs and Converse and worn them around the house first as per Schuh's return policy 8-)

Thanks again,

GM xx

PS Can sympathise with your present predicament, Kate. Jan 01 had open tib and fib just above ankle. Leg pinned and screwed internally so no big white plaster to show anything wrong - lots of folk thought I'd just sprained my ankle and wondered why I was fussing when they nudged against my leg.

BTW that day I'd sensible shoes (that fitted) with good gripping soles as I slid on a small grassy slope. The shoes gripped but the downward force was too great and the leg broke. 8(


A friend of mine who does a lot of walking says "" wear pop socks under the socks"" apparently it reduces blisters


No advice I am afraid but a huge great OUCH from me. I hope your poor little tootsies are gradually getting better.




I used to do a lot of hill-walking (and will again - that's my motivation to get better at mo) - several things to try:

When you don't need to wear anything, i.e. in house, don't have shoes or socks on (provided there's nothing on floor to cut feet on, not sensible in kitchen if cooking etc) - this allows air to get to your feet and heals blisters more quickly.

The compede products will offer relieve and are fantastic when you have to carry on walking (they're actually recommended in a mountain first aid kit!) - also, once things are better, if you know that you are going to be doing a lot of walking or wearing a troublesome pair of shoes, you can use compede without a blister as a preventative measure.

Keep your feet as dry as possible when walking - take spare socks if needed, and if shoes get wet through, don't wear them again is possible until they are completely dry - I went walking a few years back and fell in a bog on the first day of a strenuous 9 day hike (that's the last time I put my sister in charge of map reading!) - that's the only time I've had major problems so I learn my lesson the hard way.

Wearing two pairs of socks works well - it means the friction is then between the sock layers rather than the skin which is what causes blisters. However, make sure that the socks are fully breathable and preferably 'wicking' - they draw moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry and making problems less likely. You can get specialist thin under socks from camping type shops, or even some specialist socks that have the two layers incorporated in them.

Oh, and with the red toe, just paint all your tootsies red and no one will know the difference!


OK ;)

Thank to all fellow sufferers. I rang the changes with my foot wear last week and used the snazzy blister covers. Fingers crossed, new Converse seem to be fine with thin pair of socks 8)

Learnt my lesson, don't immediately wear a new pair of shoes for a whole day - esp. without two pairs of thin socks.