change in the weather, change in me !

weathers on the turn :( its cooling right off now and thee rain seems to be here to stay. its 10degrees :( im missing the summer already.

over the last few days i noticed a change in things, i feel like ive got a mega cold but i havent. it like something heavy on my chest nad im rather phelmy :S also keep losing the ability to talk(lose my voice) ! :( thinking it may be to do with the change in the weather anyone else the same?


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  • hi lil tinx,

    not seen you on for a while hope you are ok.

    Ive spent all summer trying to get my asthma control""d and only just had a few good days,

    dreading the winter as has realy bad last year .

    hope you feel a bit better soon lol xxx

  • hi glynis

    thanks i no i havent been around for ages what with a levels and such had a busy time, and ive had 2 holidays :)

    i've been really well up untill now, in actuall fact ive been really really good this summer think the sun and holidays have helped lol! i usually have trouble in january wen it turns bitter cold here

    thankyou for your concern i'll let u no how i get on ! im thinking if im no better by mon/tues ill see if i can get a doc's appointment for wed my day off ! if truth be told i feel pretty ugh right now !

    nice to speak to you

    x x

  • Strangely it was the hot weather that made me bad, i quite like the cold months, love the cool air in me lung sorry lungs, find i get moisture into me and i can can have a good healthy cough up, well the consulant said it was a healthy cough :-]Gaz

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