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Loss of Voice when trying to Train!!!!!

Hi all, I'm sure Im not the only one who has this problem - don't suppose that i'll be the last either!!! I've been having to take my ventolin rather alot recently mainly due to hayfever and the fact that I seem to have become extremely sensitive to irritants. I also have to take Seretide twice a day (2 puffs each time).

I was at work today taking some training sessions and my voice kept going really husky and disapearing. I tried to keep a good flow of water going and a hot cup of tea, as I find that sometimes helps, but does anyone have any other ideas? I know some men find a husky voice sexy but it gets to the point where I feel that I'm about to start coughing and then have an asthma attack brought on by that!!!

My asthma nurse has recommended that I be out on the oral tablets, (Singulair?), as this helps with irritant induced asthma and hopefully would reduce amount of seretide that I would need to take - I see the doctor tomrrow about this. Does anyone know if these oral tablets help stop the husky voices aswell?

Hope someone can help - It's a bit hard to be a traier with no voice!!!

Thanks, Piglady

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i have been on singulair for about a month now. it has certainly helped with the hayfever and similar allergies. i haven't lost my voice so much either although i still need water most of the day whilst teaching. i don't feel so sick in the mornings either as the hayfever is better controlled.


Hi, thanks. That sounds like it may be a good thing to go for!!!

Take care and bye from a hopefully less husky Piglady!!



i find its the inhalers that affect my voice though this has been much improved since used a spacer for all medication taking using an inhaler and use mouthwash after taking them.

i've been taking singulair for bout 6 months, cant say that its done alot for meself but is known to work better for some than others.

good luck with your appointment


Hi, saw th doctor today and he has prescribed singulair so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will have a positive effect for me!! I always forget about using my spacers, probably because I always take my morning dose when I get to work.

Thanks again for your help - my voice did actually last a little better today, still husky though!!

Breathe easy!!



had a conversation about this on the old website - don't know if you use the chewing gum airwaves but that does the trick for a while. I am on singulair and it didn't change - tis the steriods - but then again being a northern girl the muskiness does add a bit of charm - it's just when there is no voice there the airwaves helps.



I have had problems with my voice for about 8 years. It is getting worse but becaese it was affecting my work i was fortunate enough to have time with a speach therapist.

As well as warm up exercises on a morning and breathing properly using your diaphragm simple things like sipping plenty of fluid, yawning to relax the muscles and chewing any chewing gum to help keep muscles relaxed can help.

The vioce care network UK has practical advice and a newsletter. You can find it easily through google.


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