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First nurse appointment/diaries

Hi there,

thought I would update everyone on my first appointment with the nurse. She was a lot more helpful than the doctor - in that she listened to what I was saying! (My doctor likes showing me the book 'Your Body' and opening the page with the lungs...)

I'm really glad because I had my second 'proper' attack on Saturday when I was riding my bike up a really steep hill and I've been feeling rubbish ever since.

She's trying me out on Serevent for a couple of weeks and has given me a peak flow meter and I've to keep a PF diary. We discussed the fact that peak flow might not be that useful because my reading this afternoon was 610 and I am quite fit. In fact being so fit has probably been the reason it's taken me so long to get diagnosed. So I will keep a symptom diary as well, put potential triggers in it too...

Oh it is quite confusing! But at least now I feel like I can work out how to get to a state of feeling better and that there is someone 'round the corner' who is going to support me getting there.

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i.m really glad you had a good appointment with the nurse. I know you don't have much time with the gp so its nice when someone shows a bit more care and attention, especially when you've just been diagnosed as you have lots of questions and there's a lot of unknowns. Hopefully you will soon notice the brown inhaler working and improving your symptoms. With any luck you will get on with it, but sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error with different drugs/inhalers/quantities to get it right. The peak flow meter is quite interesting but i find it has no relavence to how i.m feeling either so i measure it but put next to it ventolin usage which is more important. Let us know how you get on or have any questions.


it does make you feel better when someone actually takes on board how you feel rather than showing you how you should be. i wish i was that fit. good luck with the new meds


Oh to be fit again..... that sounds like a dream lol. glad your appt went well. its so much better when you know the staff are actually doing their jobs and actively want to help you. make the most of her she will become your best friend when you are rough. as for the peak flow dont put too much thought into it. its only meant as a rough guide, you can have a good pf but still have all your asthma symptoms. but it is a good idea to have the diary of issues then you have something to look back on. good luck with your new meds, take care. Sally x


Thanks everyone :-)


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