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Finland's Approach to Improve outcomes. Any Opinions?

I really like this aggressive approach. They have reduced mortality by 90%! Made a dent in Hospital stays

and Disability also. Probably old news here. Is it still proving effective? Hammer it quickly and keep more people away from the Hospital altogether.

It is hard to discuss oral steroid bursts, Theophylline, and even antibiotics on an outpatient basis, I have found. I am in States. I am sure others have different experiences. Like to see this approach become more common.

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Interesting the Finnish idea on office workers and paper dust.

In an office about a year before asthma diagnosed, my desk was right next to the shredder. Since most of the work was of a confidential nature, the thing was on, basically 24/7. Working for a small charity, I'd say I have no real comeback against them. Ah well.


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