nose bleeds and poorly nose

Ok, so random one here...

Each time i get captured i constantly get put on high flow o2 that cause my nose to bleed and be very painful.

Just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and is there anything you do to make it non sore and stop bleeding. Really hard to do breathing exercises with a blocked up bloody (literally) nose

Sorry for random post...


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  • Hi Charlie,

    Sorry to see you're back in again. I get a very dry nose which bleeds when I blow it when on 02 and the heating in hospital doesn't help either. I do have rhinitis though and take a steroid nasal spray. Mention it when you're Doctor comes round he might prescribe something o help. Take care and hope you get out soon so you can get a good nights sleep in you're own bed.

  • Hi flowerfairy thank you so much for the reply came nice and quick in time for my consultant to review me. She is trying me on a saline nasal spray to start off with in the hope it will moisten the nasal membranes or something like that anyway lol and then we will go from there.

    Thanks again for the quick reply!!


  • I tend to get nose bleeds throughout the year because of constant use of nasal sprays and antihistamines... so cannot offer any help regards to the oxygen issue. All I can say is be very carefull when blowing your nose to not aggrevate another nose bleed and use the balm tissues which are a little gentler on your nose... Actually would also be interested in anyone elses tips on this matter...

  • Hopfully fingers crossed this post will help with us both then malawi2. .. Ive neber had so many nose mum makes me chuckle by telling me to stop picking it lol...remaind her that would be an easy solution if thats what i did do!!

    Thanks for advice about hoping this new nasal spray thing will work out for me...ill keep you all posted.


  • I hope this will help... My Mum was on Oxygen therapy for her COPD as was my Uncle, the solution to stop your nose becoming sore and dry, which they were told by a consultant, was to apply KY Jelly.

    Please try it, as i know it worked for them.

    Get well soon!!

  • Mines not just the inside of the nose though...i got told about putting vaseline around the inside of my nose. Which helps for that bit, but my worse pain is right up inside my nose that no finger could possibly reach lol (that actually made me chuckle lol) thanks for the suggestion though i would have definatly given it a go if it was my lower nose.


  • Helllooo!

    Whatever you use on your nose while using Oxygen, make sure it is water based and not oil based!

    It must be non-combustable. Anything like vaseline can cause combustion!

    I am quite careful at home when I turn the concentrator or cylinders on that I don't have anything greasy on my hands.

    Face, OK so far with well soaked in creams......

    Have you got humidifed O2?


  • Hello kate moss!!

    Thankfully im not on o2 now, just suffering the after affects of the nose bleeds. But when i was on it, it was dry o2 not humidified. I already had a stuffy nose anyway but whenever i go onto o2 i get nose bleeds also... I dont think the steroids help as i bleed even more!!

    Thanks for the warning of vaseline i didnt know that at all...will no longer be using that double base ok? Similar to aquaious (however you spell it)

    All i know is it very painfull up top!!!


  • I've too had sterimar and similar saline sprays/rinses to use but after ENT (sinus/septum/ethmoid) surgery when it took a long time to heal. Good luck and watch out for sore dry throat esp as more likely to breathe through mouth

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